Gear | April 2020

Why You Should Camp with the Luno Air Mattress

Created by car campers for car campers, the Luno Car Air Mattress is durable and convenient. This inflatable car camping mattress is the most practical mattress money can buy, and we don't mind telling you why.

Tailored to Your Vehicle

The Luno Air Mattress is thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly inside trunks, atop backseats, and around wheel wells to offer a comfortable bed on the road. This mattress is uniquely shaped to maximize available bed space inside of vehicles. Why is this important? Space is already super limited when road tripping. Throw in gear, food, clothes and sleeping arrangements and you just opened the door for chaos and frustration. Being able to utilize all the available space for sleep and then utilize all the available space when it's time to pack up and go is worth the investment.

Not to mention - no two backseats are exactly alike. That’s why Luno has designed and produced multiple mattress configurations that are compatible with vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Turn any car into a car camping dream. From hatchbacks to SUVs, the Luno Air Mattress effortlessly accommodates everyone. Shop the Luno Car Air Mattress and find your perfect fit today.

Sleeps 2 persons up to 6'2" tall

The Luno Air Mattress takes advantage of every square inch of space so campers up to 6’2” tall can rest easy at night. Depending on the vehicle, the inflating camping air mattress is a remarkable 74-80 inches long. This dreamy feat would not be possible without Luno’s original Base Extenders. Base Extenders fill the footwells of backseats to provide additional head support and increase mattress length by a whopping 15 inches. You’ll thank us later.

Maximum comfort & support

An innovative 1-way comfort valve allows campers to fine-tune the firmness of their air mattress with the press of a button. A rubber stopper within the valve releases air in small increments so campers can customize their comfort without getting out of bed. We even included carefully mapped flexes to support the body where it needs it the most. There is no reason you should jeopardize comfort when on the road.

Single or double bed options

The Luno Air Mattress is made up of two separate channels that inflate independently. This division frees users from feeling their bed buddy’s every move throughout the night. Additionally, each side has its own comfort valve so individuals can adjust the firmness to their heart's (and back’s) desire. The single car bed option preserves trunk space so campers can pack in their outdoor gear beside their bed. It is pretty much a 2-for-1, and we dig that.

Easy up, easy down

Every Luno Air Mattress comes with a powerful 12V air pump that connects to the auxiliary outlet of the vehicle. The lightweight pump inflates the mattress in two minutes for a bed that is completely set up in five (way less time than it takes to pitch a tent). This speedy inflation rate is crucial for travelers who prefer to spend more time summiting mountains and less time making the bed. Open the valve and simply roll it up for easy storage during the day. The included canvas carrying case safely stores the mattress and base extenders for easy transport between destinations. The whole kit and caboodle are smaller than a standard carry-on for unbeatable convenience. Don’t let breaking down camp slow you down.

Compact carrying case for quick and convenient transport

Break down is a breeze with a Luno mattress. The included canvas carrying case safely stores the mattress and base extenders for easy transport between destinations. The whole kit and caboodle are smaller than a standard carry-on for unbeatable convenience. The mattress can be packed up in minutes to afford travelers more time to chase the sunset or catch that perfect wave. 

Durable Fabrics

The Luno Air Mattress is made out of puncture-resistant 200D Oxford fabric to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use. Each side of this rugged mattress supports up to 300 pounds so campers and their furry four-legged friends can share the bed at night. Thermo-welded seams prevent air leaks to avoid the dreaded sagging sensation common amongst other camping air mattresses. O-Beam technology is incorporated in the internal construction of each mattress to evenly distribute air for stable, full-body support. Rest easy knowing that your mattress was made for this. We’ve got your back when it comes to durability.

Better temperature control

Air mattresses are just better when it comes to temperature regulation. You do not have to be sleeping on the ground to care about temperature control. The firmness and temperature of a memory foam mattress can vary depending on the surrounding temperature as well as fall victim to body heat. While it is important to remember that air expands with rising temperatures before you leave your air mattress fully inflated during the day, you can guarantee that it will not be the mattress’s fault if you overheat or freeze during the night.

The people have spoken...

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are a couple testimonials from campers who have fallen for the mattress of their dreams:

“I was really skeptical about buying an air mattress because I've had numerous cheap ones deflate on me but the Luno mattress actually stays inflated all night and it's REALLY comfortable. This mattress changed the way we camp and we love it.” 

“Simply put, Luno Life’s mattress is a game-changer. There is nothing else out there that makes better use of space inside the car. A Subaru Crosstrek is not really a big car, but this thing makes sleeping for two possible. You can easily figure out that the people involved are genuine camp lovers themselves! Highly recommended.” 

Car campers asked and Luno answered with the trailblazing Luno Air Mattress. The durability and convenience of this best-selling mattress grant travelers further freedom to roam as they chase down every destination on their bucket list. Luno makes gear that can go the distance and this mattress is no exception. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sleep for yourself!


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