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AIR Truck Bed Mattress

For Mid-Sized 5-Foot Truck Beds

The Luno AIR Truck Bed Mattress is easy to set up and a dream to snooze on. The ultra-tough, ultra-comfy, AIR Truck Bed Mattress will revolutionize your life on the dirt road. This mattress isn’t a rectangle for a reason. Our engineers factor wheel wells into the design, ensuring an optimized and comfortable sleeping area in most trucks.
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    Your truck is rugged, reliable, and built for the backroads–your truck mattress should be, too. Easy to set up and a dream to snooze on, the ultra-tough, ultra-comfy Truck Bed Air Mattress will revolutionize your life on the dirt road. This mattress isn’t a rectangle for a reason. Our engineers factor wheel wells into the design, ensuring compatibility with most mid-size short-bed (5’) trucks.

    • Elevates your sleep setup out of the dirt, off uneven ground, and away from critters.
    • Inflate both sides for a full-size bed, or inflate one side for solo camping
    • Adjust the firmness on each side of the mattress for personalized comfort
    • Made with durable, life-proof fabrics, to withstand pets, pine needles, and more
    • Inflates in just a few minutes with the rechargeable cordless pump
    • Easy to deflate and store away in storage bag provided

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    If you don’t see your truck listed in the make, model, and year dropdown above, please contact us.

    • Size: Fits 2 campers up to 6'7" tall with included Tailgate Buddies
    • Setup Time: 3 minutes with included pump
    • Material: TitanTUFF™, an exceptionally durable, waterproof, 300D nylon. 
    • Packed Size: 10" x 22" bag
    • Inflated Height: 4in
    • Weight Limit: 300 lbs per side
    • Truck Bed Air Mattress 
    • 2 Tailgate Buddies
    • Cordless/Rechargeable Air Pump
    • Carrying/Storage Bag
    • Repair Patch 
  • FAQ

    Does this mattress fit long-bed (6ft) trucks as well?
    Technically, yes. With the Tailgate Buddies, this mattress becomes 6'7" long. However, the fit will not be perfect.

    Does the tailgate need to be open or closed for the mattress to fit? 
    The mattress will fit in the truck bed with the tailgate up or down! If you need more leg room, open the tailgate and use the Tailgate Buddies to lengthen the mattress.

    Do you sell a single-sided version?
    No. Every Luno Air Mattress consists of two sides that are connected in the middle. However, each side has a separate inflation valve, so you can inflate a single side and fold the other side beneath it.


Each Truck Bed Air Mattress comes with a pair of Tailgate Buddies. These easy-to-use inflatable cubes are crafted from the same ultra-tough fabric as the mattress and snap in place in seconds. Their main purpose is to extend mattress length to 6'7", increasing comfort for taller sleepers. However, Tailgate Buddies can also be used as seats or pillows around camp, too.


We tailor mattress specs to specific vehicles to maximize compatibility and comfort and minimize wasted space. This particular mattress is purpose-built for mid-size short-bed trucks, ensuring you’ll have a perfect fit and a better night’s sleep. 


We revolutionized the air mattress to put an end to restless, uncomfortable nights camping on uneven ground. Every Luno Air Mattress sports CloudSupport™, our proprietary grid of meticulously mapped O-beams, supporting the areas of your body that need it most. 


Rolling solo? Inflate one side of the mattress and have more room for gear. Party of two? Inflate both sides, each of which has its own inflation valve. Couples will appreciate the ability to adjust the firmness of each side of the mattress independently.


The road is ruthless. That’s why we made our TitanTUFF™ fabric as rugged as possible. A premium, ultra-resilient nylon, it withstands just about anything—puppy paws, pine needles, wood chips, you name it.  


Ditch the tent poles and discover a better way to camp. This mattress inflates in three minutes and can be packed up even quicker. Simply roll it up and pack it away—no cursing required.


We’re a team of experienced product designers and avid outdoor enthusiasts. We’re proud to combine our passion and profession to create products that we actually want to use in the great outdoors. We don’t cut corners, value durability, and go the extra mile to produce premium, camp-ready gear.