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Headrest Organizer


Our new, easy-to-install Headrest Organizer turns the back of your headrest into a practical organization station in seconds. With five pockets and a removable pouch, the Headrest Organizer helps campers and road trippers keep track of smaller, easy-to-lose essentials.

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  • 1-Year Warranty

  • Specs & Sizing

    Headrest Organizer Material: 

    • 450D Nylon Oxford
    • 150D Oxford 
    • Brushed Twill Liner

    Pouch Material:

    • 450D Nylon Oxford 
    • Ducksan Darlington Mesh

    Pouch Size: 7” x 3”

  • FAQ

    Is the Headrest Organizer compatible with all vehicles?
    Yes, the Headrest Organizer is compatible with all vehicles, including cars, trucks, and vans,  provided the vehicle has a standard headrest size and configuration. The cinching cord that secures the Headrest Organizer to the headrest is 60 centimeters long, which should fit over the vast majority of headrests.

Designed to Fit all SUV, Truck or Van Headrests

Thanks to a smart folding design and long cinching cord, the Headrest Organizer is compatible with all van, truck, and SUV headrests. Just fold, tighten, and you’re good to go camp.

Easy Access To Essentials

The Headrest Organizer hangs conveniently on the back of the headrest, allowing you to make sure small, easy-to-lose items are organized and within arm’s reach.

Five-Pocket Design

Five pockets allow campers to compartmentalize small, easy-to-lose gear. Two pockets (one large, one small) are integrated into the Organizer itself, while the removable pouch has a spacious main pocket, an internal mesh pocket, and an external mesh pocket.

Detachable Pouch For On-The-Go Organization

The included removable pouch helps you stay organized at camp, in the car, and on the go. Velcro backing attaches the pouch to the Headrest Organizer, while secure snaps ensure it won’t pop free on bumpy backroads.

2-in-1 Design: Pouch Or MOLLE

Underneath the removable pouch, the Headrest Organizer has 12 MOLLE slots. These slots can be used alone to stash gear like pens or flashlights or in conjunction with hooks, carabiners, and a range of pouches and MOLLE accessories. 

MOLLE System Gives Campers More Customized Organization

MOLLE, short for “Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment,” is an organization system first popularized by the military. Essentially, MOLLE accessories or pouches can be threaded through corresponding straps, giving users the ability to customize their kits.