About The Program

Calling all who are committed to a life lived outdoors. From local explorers to die-hard overlanders, and every weekend road-tripper in between, Luno ambassadors aspire for more people to answer the call of the wild. Become an ambassador to get access to new Luno gear, enjoy exclusive perks, and help grow our incredible community.

  • Discounted Gear

    Receive 15% off all Luno gear for your friends and family. Also enjoy exclusive pro-deals and group discounts from other outdoor gear companies.

  • Exclusive Access

    Get access to ambassador only sales, private giveaways, test unreleased gear, and get your trips sponsored!

  • Grow Your Community

    Join private message groups, chat with the Luno team in monthly virtual video calls, exclusive in person hangouts, and more.

How It Works

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    Fill out the application below and we will be in touch via email within 2 weeks of applying to let you know if you’re a good fit.

  • 2


    Through your unique storytelling abilities, share Luno’s mission and products across social channels.

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    We’ll keep in touch with you throughout the year on promos, events, and other ways to get more involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Anyone who meets the following criteria:
- Have an active public social media account that you regularly engage with (IG, FB, Tiktok, Youtube, Reddit)
- You already own Luno gear, or you are willing to by Luno gear within 30 days of being accepted using your 15% off discount code
- Must be located in the US or Canada

Do I get a promo code to share?

Ambassadors can request promo codes for one time or limited use, but you will not receive your own promo code for widespread use. Discount and promo codes are requested on a case by case basis but ambassadors are allowed unlimited requests.

What do you look for in an ambassador?

- A passion for getting outside and enjoying the outdoors
- Excitement to share stories, experiences, and learnings
- An engaging style of and love for storytelling
- A unique voice that is genuine and authentic that’s true to you

Do I get free gear?

No. While we’d love for everyone to have as much Luno gear as they want, we’ve gotta keep Luno alive somehow. But that’s why we give our ambassadors exclusive discounts, gear releases, and gifts to thank you for being part of our community!

Can I earn commissions for referrals and sharing my code? 

Yes, all ambassadors can apply to become affiliates where you can earn commission on sales linked back to you.

Do I need to have a certain number of followers to join? 

No, but accounts with 1000 or more followers have a higher chance of being accepted.

We'd Love To Have You Join The Crew

If you’re interested in joining the Luno Ambassador Program, please fill out the form below.