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Why Luno Life

Ditch The Tent

Have you ever heard a story about how easy it was to set up a tent? Yeah, neither have we.

Why Luno Life

Safety First

Just Google “Bears vs. Tents” and you’ll
 agree with us that sleeping in your car is 100x safer from all the wildlife you thought you wanted to see.

Luno Life

Mother Nature
Can Be A Pain

There is no buzz kill worse than bad weather on a camping trip. With Luno Life, nothing will rain on your parade.



What better way to help more people travel and live the #LunoLife than to give away one of our signature Luno mattresses every month?

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Step aside Santa Claus, there’s a new sheriff in town. Just let us know which car you’d like us to make a mattress for and consider it done!

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