About the Program

We’re looking for outdoor enthusiasts to join our growing community! If you’re as passionate about fresh powder and unexplored trails as you are for innovative gear and social media, we’d love to add you to our team of Ambassadors. Learn more below, fill out the application, and we’ll be in touch.


  • Earn Commission

    Promote Luno products and earn cash for every sale you generate.

  • VIP Perks

    Get early access to exclusive discounts and Luno promotions.

  • Grow Your Community

    Participate in meetups, demo gear, and join a growing community of influencers.

What is an ambassador?

Listening to the crickets chirp. Riding out a storm. Breaking a trail through fresh snow. Luno Ambassadors love the outdoors and all of the adventures that come with it. But, more than that, they want to share and promote what it means to answer the call of the wild and live a life immersed in nature. Just like the name implies, an ambassador is a representative and promoter of Luno Life in the great outdoors.

What we look for:

1. An active lifestyle in the outdoors
2. Existing social media presence or industry influence
3. The ability to craft strong messages and engaging stories
4. A vehicle compatible with Luno products


If you’re interested in joining the Luno Ambassador 
Program, please fill out the form below.