We're on the hunt to find Luno content creators. If you’re as passionate about fresh powder and unexplored trails as you are for taking photos and videos, we want to hear from you.

Receive an exclusive discount of all Luno gear for you, your friends, and family
Exclusive access to promos, new product launches, gear demos, Luno events
A growing community of outdoor enthusiasts and creatives that turn from followers to family


You’re a creative who craves the tell your next outdoor adventure story. Whether it’s with a Instagram photo series, a vlog of your weekend expedition, or a TikTok of how you set up the perfect backseat bed, you’re a content creator with an emphasis in outdoor lifestyle. 

We look for:
An outdoor lifestyle with a content portfolio to match
An active social media presence, online platform, or industry influence
An engaging style of and love for storytelling
A unique voice in the outdoor community that’s true to you


1. APPLY to be an Content Creator through this application link
2. SUBMIT content on a monthly basis to Luno in your preferred medium. The projects we need your content for will change month to month!
3. SHARE your content on your social channels, we’ll share it on ours
4. CONNECT with other content creators in an exclusive Luno Content Creator Network.


Free gear. While we’d love for everyone to have as much Luno gear as they want, we’ve gotta keep Luno alive somehow. But that’s why we give our content creators exclusive discounts, gear releases, and gifts to thank you for being part of our family! 


Our Content Creator Program was built to enable the creative campers in our community to combine their passions of car camping and content! Sound like you? Anyone with a Luno Mattress and an established outdoor content portfolio can apply!