The Future
of Car Camping

The Luno Lifestyle

Luno is a movement in the way people travel. Built on exploration and innovation, we create gear to enable a lifestyle on the road. From weekend warriors to festival goers, our products are designed to bring comfort to wherever your travels may take you.

Our Vision

Life On The Road
For Everyone

We believe that wanderlust should be appreciated to its fullest. Luno would like everyone to experience the freedom that comes with life on the road, but with the safety and convenience that a car has to offer.

Our Mission

The Wonders
Of Car Camping

We make the joys of #vanlife more accessible with gear that turns any car into a traveller’s oasis. We provide you with the latest and greatest gear so that you can get outside and make the most of everyday.

Anytime, Anywhere

Wherever your wheels can go, so can you. You decide the destination, we provide the gear.







Perks of Car Camping

Among the many reasons why we think camping in your car is a no brainer, here’s why you might want to try it!

  • Adventure

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    Your own two feet can get you places, and a bike might take you a few miles further, but a good set of tires are boundless.

  • Romance

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    Movie theaters are cheesy. Dinner dates are dull. Car-camping balances intimacy with adventure, comfort and excitement.

  • Community

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    With all the travelers and digital nomads zipping across the country, it’s never been easier to make friends and feel at home on the open roads.

  • Affordable

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    Booking hotels, cabins and Airbnbs takes a hard bite into your budget. A few Luno Life essentials are a one-time investment that last a lifetime.

  • Safety

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    Nylon tents give you the illusion of safety. In your vehicle, you get the real thing. Weather or wildlife, you can rest easy knowing you’re covered.

  • Comfort

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    You can get the outdoor experience without the backaches, bug bites, and grumbling belly.

Our Story





Luno was founded to bring #VanLife to everyone. We noticed that more and more people were trading in their 9-5 jobs for a freewheeling lifestyle, but we decided that both were possible. Why couldn’t we have #VanLife minus the van? We wanted to open the road to all seekers and adventurers and so we started making bedrooms out of Subarus and campers out of Chevys. That’s how Luno was born. With our gear, day trips become weekend getaways and sightseeing becomes off-road adventure. We’re more than the sum of our innovative products; we’re a lifestyle.

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