Giving Gear Another Life

Introducing our new upcycled gear line, Project ReRoam. We focus on transforming old mattresses into practical, long-lasting car camping accessories.


Upcycled Gear


Made Responsibly


Saved from Landfill

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Built to Last

  • Upcycled from Old Luno Air Mattresses

    Luno prides itself on making gear that lasts. We like to say our mattresses are made from lifeproof material. When the rare defective mattress is returned to us, we pass those mattresses along to our upcycling team, who then fashions our fabrics into new camping gear.

  • Sourced Locally to Reduce Footprint

    Much of our ReRoam gear is made right in our hometown of Bend, Oregon! We’ve partnered with local seamster, Tailgate Industries, to heavily localize the production and fulfillment of our ReRoam gear, reducing its footprint even further.

Lifetime Impact




Upcycled Materials

All ReRoam gear contains over 80% upcycled materials, with most of our ReRoam products using over 90% upcycled materials!




Saved from Landfill

With Project ReRoam, we’ve been able to divert a significant portion of materials from the landfill.






Outdoor Ground Mat

Ringing in at 98.5%, the ReRoam item that contains the highest percentage of upcycled material is our Outdoor Ground Mat.

We’re committed to growing our business responsibly, a commitment showcased by two keygoals we have for 2030. Firstly, we seek to become Carbon Positive. Secondly, we aim to become a certified B-Corporation. We share these lofty goals largely to be transparent about our plans for the future, but also so that we are held accountable by our outdoor community. Lastly, we hope that by sharing these goals, we encourage other outdoor brands to join us on this path.