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What You Need To Know

  • 2018

    When we decided to put an end to sleepless nights

  • Get Outside

    Inspired by the principle that we can all explore more

  • Santa Barbara, CA

    Where you can find us between the ocean and mountains

  • 1800+ Vehicles

    The number of vehicles that our Luno Air Mattress fits

  • Nomad Lifestyle

    We embrace working remotely and a nomadic lifestyle

  • 1,500+

    The number of people who've chosen to live the Luno Lifestyle

The Luno Lifestyle

Luno was founded to bring #VanLife to everyone. We noticed that more and more people were trading in their 9-5 jobs for a freewheeling lifestyle, but we decided that both were possible. Why couldn’t we have #VanLife minus the van? We wanted to open the road to all seekers and adventurers and so we started making bedrooms out of Subarus and campers out of Chevys.

Our products transform vehicles into a mobile campsite, allowing users to explore new destinations from the safety of their vehicles. Our gear turns your vehicle into a campsite within minutes, so the thrill of exploring is accessible, safe, and comfortable.

Sleep beneath the stars with Luno Life's comfortable and durable camping air mattress

Product & Design Background

This isn’t our first rodeo. Our team is stacked with industrial and graphic designers with 10 years of design experience between them; we’ve also got product strategists who know the market better than the market knows itself. What sets us apart from every other outdoor gear producer is our love for the finer features. We live and die by the nitty-gritty. Our meticulous attention to detail mixed with a borderline obsession with optimized user experience makes for very long development meetings but perfect final products.

The passion in our work shines through the unique features of our gear. All of the equipment we produce is created as a solution to a problem that we have experienced, firsthand, while adventuring on the road. We made the Luno Signature Air Mattress because we were tired of sleeping with our knees up by our ears. The Luno Seatback Organizer was made in remembrance of the four headlamps we lost last summer. We now aim to create solutions to problems before they arise.

People & Company Culture

Our team is comprised of part-time designers and full-time thrill seekers. We’re an outdoor product and lifestyle brand made up of individuals who can’t help but answer the call of the wild themselves. It’s not unusual for the CEO and project manager to roll into work after a little early morning surf. We never pass up an opportunity to try something new, whether that’s in our designs or our approach to a new climbing route. Every Monday morning cup of coffee is served with a side of smack talk about who was first down the mountain biking trail Saturday morning. A healthy work/life balance is important in our pursuit to play hard and work harder.