A Packing List for Your Next Car Camping Trip

We’ve all been there before. We stare into our garage as we attempt to pack for our weekend trip, contemplating if we need 2 or 12 headlamps (never mind the fact that we only have one head to wear them on). Whether you’re a car camping rookie or a seasoned veteran, packing for a trip can present quite the challenge. Oftentimes we wish there were someone (or something) to tell us what to pack to relieve our turmoil. Luckily, Luno Life has compiled a handy list of what to pack so that you never have to worry about forgetting your sunscreen again!

We’ve broken our list into three categories. You’ve got your Bare Essentials for the minimalist on the move. The Comfortable Camper for a mid-level packer, and the Extended Stay for those who like to bring everything plus the kitchen sink on the road. Keep in mind that everyone is different, so be sure to customize each list to your liking!

Need help packing? Access your preferred list by downloading the PDF below! 

Download Packing List



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