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Gift Guide: 23 Holiday Gifts for Car Campers, Vanlifers, and Road Trippers

Holiday shopping is just like road-tripping: you can do it fine on your own, but it certainly helps to have a road map. To help point you in the right direction this holiday season, we asked our team of car-camping crushers to send us their favorite gear of the year. Below, you’ll find 14 gifts from other outdoor brands that our team can’t live without, plus 9 awesome Luno products and bundles that we swear by, too. All told, 23 great gift ideas for car campers, vanlifers, road trippers, and more.

Stocking Stuffers ($25 and under)

For the Coffee Lover: Wildland Coffee (From $1.49 per cup, with bags starting at $23.49)

Coffee in the trailhead parking lot has never been so easy–or tasty. Wildland Coffee’s product is as simple as it is brilliant: coffee in a tea bag. Essentially, Wildland grinds premium specialty roasts from Brazil, packages the coffee in a purpose-built tea bag, flushes out the oxygen to ensure a fresh taste, and ships it to your door. Directions are simple: just rip open the packaging and dunk the teabag in hot water (we recommend a JetBoil for quick-and-painless mornings). As soon as it cools off enough to drink, you’re sipping on a deluxe brew that tastes similar to a french-pressed coffee or drip java. It’s the ultimate stocking stuffer for coffee-guzzling outdoor enthusiasts–a designation we wholeheartedly identify with.

For Your Number One: Kula Cloth ($23)

The ultimate stocking stuffer for adventurers who squat when they pee, the Kula Cloth is a reusable pee cloth. On one side, it sports an antimicrobial, absorbent fabric for wiping, and the other side is waterproof so hands don’t get wet. A snappable loop attaches the cloth to the outside of a backpack on hikes. The cycle–use, wash, re-use–is much more sustainable than bringing toilet paper on every adventure, and the antimicrobial fabric makes it preferable to using a bandana or a run-of-the-mill cloth. Pair this useful gift with a pee funnel and you’ll be on Santa’s “Nice List” for at least a year.

Radical–and Reasonably Priced–Car Camping Accessories ($25-$50)

For the Camper: Black Diamond Moji+ Lantern ($30)

Black Diamond’s Moji+ Lantern is about the size of a tangerine and powers off three AAA batteries or a rechargeable lithium ion battery (sold separately for another $30). The frosted globe generates 150 lumens of warm, bright light, making the Moji+ infinitely useful when you’re on a camping trip. We use a pair of these compact lanterns to help illuminate camp cooking setups, and always hang one in the trunk to read before bed. The two-button interface is easy to use, even when your fingers are cold or you’re wearing gloves. If you’re having a campfire dance party, the Moji+ is ready to rave: it can emit solid colored light or strobe through multiple colors. Best of all, the Moji+ is certified to a stormproof IPX4 rating, meaning it’s tough enough for extended road trips and overland expeditions. Our advice? Grab a few. These are practical holiday gifts for outdoor enthusiasts and car campers of all creeds.

For the Hot Sleeper: Luno Screen for Car Windows ($50)

Everyone loves to sleep in their car with the windows open, but no one wants to turn into a mosquito buffet. We get it. Luckily, there’s a solution to the problem: our Car Window Screens. These mesh, stretchy screens are easy to pop into place over a car door frame. Once installed, you can roll the windows down without fearing that hordes of buzzing bloodsuckers will storm your campground castle. Not only do these screens allow you to enjoy nature’s AC (read: the breeze), but they also block sunshine and, perhaps even more annoying than incessant mosquitos, the gaze of nosey neighbors.

For the Tornado Trunk: Luno Seatback Organizer 2.0 ($45)

If Marie Kondo was a car camper, we’re pretty sure she’d have a couple of these. The second iteration of our ever-popular Seatback Organizer (also known as the SBO), this organization station snaps easily to any headrest. With a microfiber-lined phone pocket, translucent pocket that turns an ordinary headlamp into a reading light, a removable pouch, hooks, slots, and more, the SBO keeps your smaller essentials organized on the road and at camp. We call it the “nightstand of car camping,” and for good reason, too. However, based on the sheer utility at play, many members of the Luno Crew keep a pair of these snapped to their headrests all year long.

Car Camping Extras Every Road Tripper Will Love ($50-$150)

For the Birdwatcher, Wave-Chaser, Climber, Etc.: Nocs Binoculars($95)

Binocs aren’t just for birdwatching. A solid pair of binoculars is an underrated road trip and camping essential. Scope wildlife, climbing routes, surf breaks, ski lines, and more with these affordable yet high-performance binoculars from Nocs Provisions. We love the wide field of view, simple controls, and compact design–they can easily stash in your console or Seatback Organizer until you need them. They’re also available in a ton of cool colorways, making them fun for adults and kids alike. And if the kids do take ‘em for a spin, rest easy: each pair is wrapped in an impact-absorbing housing and equipped with scratch-resistant lenses.

For the Stylish: Ripton Diesel Jorts ($79) Overalls ($149)

If lululemon and Levi’s had a baby who grew up to be a ski bum, it’d be Ripton & Co. The purveyor of stretchy denim has earned a cult-like following for its jorts and overalls–and we’re card-carrying members of the fan club. These adventure-ready jeans are fun, fashionable, and still capable of crushing a mountain bike ride or climbing trip. The Jorts are crafted from a thinner, stretchier fabric compared to the Overalls, but both are more comfortable–and more capable–than you ever thought “denim” could be.

For Anglers, Surfers, Skiers, and Pretty Much Anyone in the PNW: XTRATUF 6” Ankle Deck Boots ($115)

After earning stripes in the burly Alaskan fishing scene, XTRATUF’s boots have exploded in popularity across the globe. They’re now the go-to footwear for anglers, surfers, campers, and more when precipitation is in the forecast and mud’s a foregone conclusion. The grippy Chevron sole is purpose-built for keeping your balance on slippery decks in rough seas, and the hand-layed rubber construction is 100% waterproof. While XTRATUF offers much taller sizes, like the 15” Legacy, we like the 6” ankle-high style for everyday life on wet road trips and in rainy locales.

For Your Stinky Camping Partner: NEMO Helio Shower ($130)

Do you regularly camp with a particularly stinky individual? Boy do we have the perfect gift for them! The Helio Shower’s 2.9-gallon tank is easily pressurized via the included foot pump, producing a steady, five-to-seven-minute shower out of a flexible, seven-foot neoprene hose. If you leave the black tank in the sun, it’ll capture the sun’s warmth (hence the name: Helio), providing a pleasant shower experience even if you’re hundreds of miles from the nearest plumbing. Another plus for road trippers: the Helio collapses into a compact, trunk-friendly carrying case.

For the Cozy: Glerups Slippers ($135)

Are $135 slippers necessary? No. Are they worth it? Absolutely. Glerups wool slippers are arguably the coziest footwear on the planet. In fact, we’re wearing them right now as we write this holiday gift guide, while snow falls outside and the fire crackles… you get the picture. A staple on winter mornings, these slippers are crafted from thick, warm, 100% pure wool twill. The slip-on style enables hands-free entry, while the padded rubber sole allows you to take the dog for a quick walk or toss the trash out if needed.

Game-Changing Gifts for Car Campers and Vanlifers ($150+)

For Your Cuddle Compadre: Kelty Doublewide Sleeping Bag ($210)

Hot take: if you and your significant other are camping together without cuddling in 2022, you’re doing it wrong. Snuggle up from here on out in the Kelty Doublewide Sleeping Bag. This plush, comfy, and cozy bag is stuffed with Kelty’s Cloudloft Synthetic Insulation and rated down to 20-degrees, meaning it’s ready for three-season use (potentially four if you layer and increase insulation as necessary). The top layer of the bag zips off, and there’s foot vents, too, enabling comfortable snoozing on summer nights. The bag is exceptionally spacious, fitting tall sleepers up to 6’6”. What’s our favorite aspect of the double bag? We’ll just quote Kelty on that one: “Not in the mood for ZZZs? The Doublewide is the best way to get down without getting dirty in the outdoors.”

For the Camp Cook: Messermeister Adventure Chef 6-Piece Summit Set ($250)

For the camp cook in your life, there’s no better gift than this Messermeister Adventure Chef 6-Piece Summit Set. This California-based, German-inspired, female-owned brand isn’t known for its adventure gear–it’s known for its high-quality cutlery. The Summit Set takes that history of hammering out chef-approved stainless steel blades and slims it down into a camp-ready, compact package. The highlight of the set is a folding 6” chef’s knife that’s so well-made we sometimes use it at home, too. What’s more, the kit includes a folding 6” fillet knife (perfect for preparing the catch of the day), a folding utensil set, a folding peeler & parer with fish scaler, and a folding cutting board, all housed in a rugged, handsome waxed canvas case. For lovers of good grub and the great outdoors, this gift earns two Michelin stars and four Michelin tires.

For That Person You Love Who’s Always Borrowing Your Luno Mattress: Luno Car Air Mattress ($330)

No car camping gift guide is complete without Luno’s Air Mattresses. These badboys are purpose-built to turn your backseat into a bunkhouse. We originally started building these revolutionary air mattresses with SUVs and hatchbacks in mind, but we’ve since expanded our line to trucks and vans,too. While our mattresses are available in a number of different shapes and configurations, they’re all crafted from a rugged, durable 300D Oxford fabric, which is tough enough to withstand puppy paws, pine needles, sticks, and more. They’re also dual-sided (with the exception of our van Front Cab option), which is helpful if the recipient wants to use half of their trunk or truck bed for storage space.

  • Finding the right Luno Car Air Mattress for your SUV is easy. Just click here, enter the make, model, and year, and boom–we’ll point you in the right direction.
  • Holiday shopping for someone with a truck? We just launched our Tacoma Air Mattress ($330), which has been extremely popular with the truck-camping crowd, as it’s designed to fit snuggly between a Tacoma’s indented wheel wells.
  • On the hunt for a gift for a vanlifer? Our nifty Front Cab Air Mattress ($400) converts the front seat of a van into an extra bunk, creating a small bed that’s perfect for kids, dogs, and shorter adults. For the vanlifer, it’s essentially like adding on a one-bedroom addition.


Looking for more ideas? Luno bundles are a great way to save money on car camping mattresses and accessories. If you’re building a car camping setup from scratch, this is the place to start.

  • The Car Camping Sleep Bundle ($390) includes our Car Air Mattress and a custom fitted sheet. Luno fitted sheets are key because of the unique shape of our mattresses. This two-piece kit is a great way to turn an ordinary SUV into an extraordinary adventure mobile!
  • In addition to a fitted sheet and air mattress, our Car Camping Starter Bundle ($485) also includes our critically acclaimed Window Screens.These easy-to-use mesh screens help block mosquitos, sun rays, and the unwanted gaze of lookie-loos. That’s not all, either. Our Seatback Organizer attaches quickly to any headrest and helps keep small essentials organized on the road.
  • The Camper Van Sleep Bundle ($460) includes a Front Cab Air Mattress and a fitted sheet. Again, a fitted sheet is mission-critical due to the unique curvature and shape of this van-specific mattress.
  • For road trippers who hate to overheat, our Car Camping Cool Down Bundle ($75) is a must. This affordable package includes our mesh window screens, which allow you to let the breeze in with none of the bugs, as well as our popular, compact Camping Fan. The Fan is five inches in diameter, attaches to your window or dashboard via suction cup, and powers up off of a USB cord.

Check out all of our bundles here.

Thanks for checking out our holiday gift guide. We hope that there was a gift or two above that pointed you down the right road. And most of all, we hope that you and yours have a happy and healthy holiday season.

See you on the road,

The Luno Crew


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