Signature Air Mattress

It’s time to turn your 9-5 commuter into a decked out, weekend rig. With puncture-resistant fabric and four inches of air providing support, the Luno Life Signature Air Mattress guarantees the best sleep you’ve ever had in your car. Learn More

1. 2-Person Signature Air Mattress
2. Base Extenders (if necessary)
3. Mattress Carrying Case 
4. 12-Volt Electric Air Pump
5. Repair Patch

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Signature Air Mattress: Changing The Way You Camp

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Single Or Double Bed Options

With separate inflation valves on either side of the mattress, you have the option to only inflate one side! This is great for solo travelers or those who need the extra storage space.

From New York to LA

The Possibilities
Are Endless

This mattress is for weekend warriors, sunset chasers, adventure seekers, festival goers, and anyone in between.


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