Road Trip Carbon Credits

Offset Your Road Trip's Carbon Emissions


Sequester your miles and make your road trip Carbon Positive with this Luno package!

This carbon positive package assumes 650 miles driven on your road trip (that’s like taking a trip from Bend to Salt Lake City).

Just select the type of rig you drive (SUV, Truck, or Van) and you'll remove more carbon from the atmosphere than your road trip's tailpipe emissions produced.

Depending on the length of your road trip, we encourage you to purchase as many packages as you need to fully offset your adventure!

  • Offset Carbon Impact
  • Fight Climate Change
  • Make A Difference

  • What is Carbon & Why is it harmful?

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a common greenhouse gas. In fact, your body even produces it just by breathing! But, the extraction and burning of fossil fuels such as coal or gasoline produces CO2 at extreme levels. Here’s the issue…CO2 traps the heat from the sun in our atmosphere, and too much of this raises the temperature of our globe. This global warming is already having serious detrimental effects on the environment like biodiversity loss, extreme weather, and rising oceans. That’s why we need to start actively reducing carbon emissions and removing it from the atmosphere.  

  • What is Carbon Positive?

    Carbon positive means that you are sequestering/removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than you emit.

  • What you’re buying

    With this package, you are purchasing carbon credits in a greater amount than you have emitted with your road trip. These carbon credits are coming from Terrapass, a leading provider of verifiable carbon credits. Terrapass is a reputable and reliable source of carbon credits, so you can be confident that the package you purchase is actually sequestering carbon from our atmosphere.

  • Why offset carbon emissions?

    Due to the climate crisis, the United Nations, informed by the world's leading scientists, have agreed that to limit disastrous climate change, we need to aim for carbon neutrality by 2050 (meaning we remove as much carbon from the atmosphere as we pollute it with). This is not just something governments and businesses have to be concerned with, but individuals too. 

    We know that our Luno mattresses enable individuals to explore our beautiful earth on 4-wheels. But with that comes the carbon emissions of the rig you're driving. So, we want to help you offset all of those road-trip emissions (and more!) in order to play a small part in reversing the climate crisis our world faces today. That way we can all keep exploring our beautiful planet for decades to come. 

    How are carbon emissions offset?

    Carbon emissions are offset through projects around the world that either remove carbon from the atmosphere or reduce the amount of carbon that would have otherwise been emitted. For example, planting trees offsets carbon emissions because trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow. Other examples include green energy projects like wind and solar farms, which reduce carbon emissions that would have otherwise occurred from the burning of coal and fossil fuels. 


    Wondering what happens after you click “purchase”? Well here’s how it all works…

    • Luno receives the amount of your purchase
    • We take $1 as an administration fee, and every other cent goes towards purchasing carbon offsets. 
    • We keep this money safely set aside, and then once every quarter we go and purchase carbon credits with it through our climate action partner, Terrapass!

    How do we calculate your carbon emissions data?

    All of our emissions data comes from the U.S. Department of Energy. With this data, we were able to find the average tailpipe emissions (grams of CO2 per mile) for some of the most popular 2023 SUV’s, Trucks, and Vans. From here, it’s a simple conversion into Metric Tonnes of CO2 per mile that these vehicle categories release. With this information, the assumed 650 miles driven, and the standard cost per carbon credit (1 Metric Tonne), you will get the cost that we charge (minus $1 for a small administration fee).

  • What if my road trip was more or less than 650 miles?

    If your road trip is more than 650 miles, we encourage you to add whatever quantity of road trip packages to your cart would fully offset your road trip. If you still only want to buy one package, that's fine too! Any carbon offset is better than none!

    If your road trip is less than 650 miles, it looks like you’re giving the Earth some extra love today! Thanks for being a good steward of nature.