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Medium Outdoor Ground Mat

Set of 2 – Upcycled


Upcycled from old mattresses, our new, eco-friendly Medium Outdoor Ground Mat Bundle is perfect for those who like to keep their space clean. Same design as our best-selling Large Outdoor Ground Mat, this set of two multi-purpose medium mats add a durable layer of separation between you and dirt or dust, sand or snow, gravel or granite.

Only available for USA shipping.




    Project ReRoam is our upcycling program that breathes new life into old gear. We focus on transforming old mattresses into practical, long-lasting car camping accessories. By repurposing these materials in creative and useful ways, ReRoam keeps Luno products where they belong–out of the landfill and out in the wild with campers like you.

    • Multi-purpose, utilitarian mat can be infinitely useful from beaches to backroads
    • Eco-friendly mat is crafted from over 98%-upcycled material, all sourced from our rugged, award-winning air mattresses
    • Keeps Luno gear out of the landfill
    • Durable 300-denier Oxford nylon fabric is easy to wash and withstands gravel and grime
    • Rollable design is portable and primo for car camping
    • Integrated hang loop makes it simple to clean or dry your mat at camp
    • Dimensions: 36in x 17” 
    • Material: Upcycled, durable 300-denier Oxford nylon 
  • FAQ

    Can these mats get wet?
    Totally! Whether you’re hosing it down after a dusty adventure or you're a surfer using it as a wetsuit changing mat, the these mats can get wet, no problem. Thanks to a 300-denier Oxford nylon fabric armored with a hydrophobic coating, the mat is easy to clean and exceptionally durable.

    Where do you make ReRoam Gear?
    Much of our ReRoam gear is stitched right in our homebase of Bend, Oregon. We’ve partnered with local seamster, Tailgate Industries, to localize production and fulfillment of our ReRoam gear, further reducing our carbon footprint.

    What is the difference between upcycling and recycling?
    Upcycling is the process of taking products or materials that are considered waste and repurposing them. For instance, taking an air mattress destined for the dump and stitching it into a utility mat.

    On the other hand, recycling is the process of breaking down material waste into a different state to then create a new good. An example that’s becoming more and more prevalent: Plastic water bottles, which are recycled and turned into a fabric, before eventually getting stitched into a t-shirt or jacket.

    Why are upcycling & recycling important?
    Recycling and upcycling are different processes. Recycling breaks down a material before creating a new product, for example, sheets of aluminum that are recycled and then eventually manufactured into aluminum cans. Upcycling skips the breakdown step, and simply converts an existing product into a new one–for instance, cutting up old air mattresses and stitching them into your favorite changing mat. 

    Both processes essentially convert old products into new ones, and both are extremely important. Manufacturers don’t always need to create new products from virgin materials, and instead can give old materials a second life. This creates a circular, “cradle-to-cradle” means of production as opposed to a linear, “cradle-to-grave” one.


Whether you’re putting on your hiking boots, peeling off a wetsuit, or simply changing into your PJs before crawling into your sleeping bag, these mats are an absolute game-changer when car camping.


Upcycled from the same ultra-tough, off-road-ready, 300-denier Oxford nylon as our award-winning mattresses, these mats are built to last. We’re not talking years here, either, we’re talking decades. Thick, rugged, and damn near puncture-proof.


Designed for versatility, this bundle includes two mats, allowing you to strategically place one on each side of your vehicle. With a mat on each side, you and your companion can enjoy the benefits simultaneously, making outdoor activities a breeze for both.


Our upcycled ReRoam line breathes new life into old gear. Our goal with the program is two-fold: keep as much material as possible out of the landfill, and provide car campers with radical, practical, eco-friendly accessories. These mats do exactly that–it’s crafted from upcycled mattresses, and it’s also quickly become one of our favorite car camping essentials!