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5 Reasons You Should Car Camp This Summer

Find out why campers can't get enough of this incredible sleeping solution!

1. Effortless Gear Management

Car camping lets you effortlessly pack and secure all your gear, from heavy camping essentials to adventure equipment for mountain biking, kayaking, or climbing. Enjoy ample storage without the worry of carrying weight or theft. Simply load up, lock up, and head out to your favorite outdoor spots with ease.

2. Unlimited Camping Destinations 

With car camping, every driveable location becomes a potential campsite. This freedom is at the heart of Overlanding, allowing you to explore remote areas off the grid. Access backcountry locales with a 4WD vehicle, bypassing the complexities of RVs or trailers. Plus, it's perfect for spontaneous road trips, enabling you to camp at diverse spots with minimal setup.

3. Enhanced Camping Comfort

Car camping redefines comfort outdoors. With the right setup, like a Luno Air Mattress, you can enjoy superior padding and bedding, surpassing traditional tents. Luno Air Mattress is offering protection from the elements, warmth, and additional storage, making your camping experience not just comfortable but luxurious.

4. Superior Protection Against Elements

Car camping, especially with Luno Air Mattress offers significant protection from weather and wildlife. The Luno Air Mattress will also enhances your sleep quality but also provides peace of mind, ensuring a safer and more comfortable outdoor experience.

5. Cost-Effective Adventure

Car camping is a budget-friendly alternative that not only enhances your outdoor experience but also helps you save money during your travels. Utilizing your regular car for both travel and sleep eliminates additional expenses on tents, backpacks, hotels, or RV rentals. This makes car camping not only a cost-effective but also a revolutionary choice for your journeys.     

"The Air Mattress 2.0 has been a total game-changer for me! Not only does it provide the comfiest sleep in my car, but it's also sparked my sense of adventure and made camping so much more enjoyable. I don't know how I ever camped without this amazing find!"

- Explorer

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Recently decided to ditch the tent and try sleeping in my car. This mattress is a game changer. Best night's sleep I've had on a camping trip. Highly recommend!


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I love the Luno mattress so much, I get the best sleep using it in my Subaru. I feel like I’m well protected from the elements and safe while using it. The super fast and easy setup wins with me every time.


Verified Buyer

Fits perfectly in my Subaru. I camp a lot and have never slept well on any pad/mattress/cot/etc. I’ve had a few nights on the Luno now and it’s a game changer.


Verified Buyer

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