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Camper Van Mattress Sheet (Pre-Owned)

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$74.99 $62.99

If you live by the mantra, "waste not, want not" and don't mind that someone opened this sheet before you, then this product is definitely for you. All "pre-owned" sheets have been opened, but have not been used. All are in new condition, but may be missing packaging. 

Limited quantities available. Only available for USA shipping.

  • Core Features
    • Keeps your mattress clean in spite of humidity, spills and sweat
    • Protects mattress from wear and tear of adventure
    • Cutouts in fabric allow easy access to inflate and deflate valves
    • Stay-put corners keep sheet in place all night long
    • Machine washable and easy to clean
  • Tech Specs

    Material: Polyester Spandex Blend
    Color: Stone Gray
    Packed Size: 6.5” x 4” Pouch
    Machine Washable: Yes

Protect Your Mattress

Spilled your morning coffee? Pup has muddy paws? A little protection goes a long way. Keep your mattress free from accidental stains and scratches and enjoy your gear longer. The Van Mattress Sheet is machine washable and dries in a flash.

Stays Put, Even if You Don’t

Our Van Mattress Sheet is designed to withstand all forms of tossing and turning. Corner cutouts keep the sheet snugly in place all night long, so you can move around while your sheet stays put.

Comfortable and Durable

The pillars of a Luno product. Enjoy better rest on all of the adventures to come with a cozy addition to your camping setup. Our technical fabric is temperature regulating and built to travel with you, wherever you go.

Adjust as Needed

Unlike traditional sheets, the Luno Van Mattress Sheet allows access to the inflate/adjust and deflate valves while installed, meaning you are free to easily fine-tune the mattress firmness without removing your sheet.