4Runner Trunk Window Screen (Pre-Owned)

Tailored to 5th-Gen 4Runners


Enjoy the breeze and block the bugs with our 4Runner Trunk Window Screen. The mosquito-proof mesh screen doesn’t just amplify airflow and impede insects, it also protects campers from UV rays and increases privacy, too. Designed for 5th-Gen 4Runners, this practical car camping essential sets up in seconds.

Only available for USA shipping.

    • Engineered to fit the rear window of 5th-Gen 4Runners (2010-current)
    • Allows air flow while keeping bugs out 
    • Provides added privacy while sleeping in the comfort of your car 
    • Blocks UV rays and minimizes direct sunlight
    • Foam inserts slide easily into top weather seal for bug-blocking fit
    • Easily slides over trunk window for quick setup and takedown
    • Material: 70D Nylon 50x50 elastic mesh
    • Packed size: 5.5” x 3.5”
    • Includes one window screen & storage pouch
  • FAQ

    Can I close the rear window while the 4Runner Window Screen is installed? 
    No, you cannot fully close the rear window when installed, as the 4Runner Window Screen utilizes foam inserts that slide into the weather seal of the trunk window.

    Can I drive with the 4Runner Window Screen installed? 
    No, driving while the 4Runner Window Screen is installed isn’t recommended. 

All of the Breeze, None of the Bugs

Love a summer breeze, but hate the mosquitos that come with it? Same. That’s why we crafted our 4Runner Window Screen from a semi-permeable mesh that allows unrestricted airflow but still blocks bugs. This Window Screen will revolutionize your warm-weather road trips.

Magnetic Attachments

Strong magnets line the perimeter of the Window Screen, forming a bug- and wind-proof seal between the screen and vehicle exterior. Not only do these magnets facilitate effortless install and removal, but they’re also wrapped in a soft nylon fabric, ensuring they won’t scratch your beloved paint job.

Privacy and Sun Protection

Nosey neighbors and UV rays have two things in common: both are a nuisance when car camping, and both are no match for the 4Runner Window Screen. The dark nylon mesh transmits a mere 4% of visible light rays and subsequently minimizes chances of sun burns, involuntary dawn wake-ups, and unwanted lookey-lous.

Setup In Seconds

We engineered this window screen specifically for the rear window of 5th-Gen 4Runners, ensuring it will fit your rig like a glove. Thanks to that purpose-built design, along with magnetic attachments and foam inserts, the screen pops in place in seconds.Takedown is even easier, making breaking camp quick as can be.

Foam Inserts For Extra Security

In addition to our dependable magnets, we outfitted the top of the Window Screen with nifty foam inserts. These inserts slide easily into the weather seal of your 4Runner and help keep the screen locked down, even in windy weather.