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The Ultimate Truck Bed: Luno Launches Into Truck Market with New Tacoma Air Mattress

Santa Barbara, CA (March 3, 2022)—Since 2018, Luno has taken the road trip world by storm thanks to its inflatable, durable air mattresses, which transform ordinary SUVs and hatchbacks into adventure mobiles in a matter of minutes. This month, Luno is proudly launching its first truck-specific air mattress, built for the bed of the cult-favorite third-generation Toyota Tacoma.

The new Tacoma Truck Bed Air Mattress comfortably fits two adults up to six feet tall. The specs and valve placements reflect the shape of a Tacoma truck bed, but otherwise, the Tacoma Truck Bed Air Mattress sports the same features Luno community members have come to love from the Car Air Mattress 2.0:

  • A durable fabric that withstands pine needles and puppy paws.

  • A versatile, partitioned mattress that supports both solo or two-person setups and enables sleepers to personalize firmness.

  • A three-minute setup time thanks to an included rechargeable air pump.

“We deeply value our community, always keep an ear to the ground, and we’ve definitely felt the demand for truck mattresses,” laughs Luno’s Head of Marketing Sarah Van Berkum. “And the goal from the beginning has always been to offer as many vehicles as possible. We just started in the SUV space because that's what our Founder, Pete Ducato, owns.”

For Ducato, both a meticulous product tester and design leader, expansion is an adventure best taken with care. “It’s always been quality over quantity with Luno,” he says. “Once we fine-tuned the formula for what makes a functional, high-quality, road-ready air mattress, we tackled vans with our Front Cab Air Mattress. Now, we’re excited to bring our expertise to trucks.”

Renowned for its ruggedness, the Tacoma is a dream truck for climbers, skiers, surfers, mountain bikers, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all creeds—making it a natural jump-off point for Luno’s foray into trucks.

Many Tacoma owners are already road-trip regulars, outfitting vehicles with rooftop tents, complex build-outs, and even DIY foam or traditional air mattresses in pursuit of the perfect road trip rig. But rooftop tents are expensive, permanent, and far from aerodynamic, making them less than ideal for 9-to-5 commuters. Truck build-outs are time-intensive and limit gear-hauling potential. DIY foam mattresses are bulky and get extremely dirty, extremely quickly, while cheap air mattresses pop quicker than balloons at a porcupine party.

Luno’s Tacoma Truck Bed Air Mattress, on the other hand, is versatile, affordable, durable, and purpose-built for life on the road. It sets up in minutes and packs down for travel. For Tacoma owners who want to haul skis, bikes, boards, and more during the day and crash comfortably at night, there’s no better option than the Tacoma Truck Bed Air Mattress. Landon Burnley, Luno’s Associate Brand Manager and resident gear head, helped test-drive the Truck Bed Air Mattress, and sums up the synergy between the Tacoma and Luno as such: “The mattress is as rugged as the truck is.”

The Tacoma Truck Bed Air Mattress is currently available for pre-order. Interested in the mattress but have a different truck in mind? Contact Luno directly here to check if the Tacoma Truck Bed Air Mattress is compatible with your truck. If not, stay tuned as Luno plans to expand its line of truck mattresses in the not-so-distant future.

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