Roadmap to Responsibility - June 2024


Welcome to Luno’s Roadmap to Responsibility newsletter, where we’ll share highlights of our journey towards a business dedicated to helping people and the planet. In this second edition, we’ll focus on the importance of giving back to your local trails, learn more about our new AIR+FOAM Pro mattress, and checkout how the Luno team has been enjoying Summer!

Luno Gear Keeping Access Fund Conservation Teams Comfy on The Road

Luno is a proud supporter of Access Fund’s Conservation Teams. Access Fund is a climbing advocacy non-profit that strives to lead and inspire the climbing community toward sustainable access and conservation of the climbing environment.

Each year, their Conservation Teams hit the road in their Ram Promaster vans as they travel the country building and restoring trail systems. With Luno being a company dedicated to making life on the road more comfortable, we were excited for the opportunity to outfit the Conservation Teams with some Luno gear. 

These gear donations were made possible by our Car[e] Camping Program, Luno’s commitment to donate 3% of profits annually towards initiatives that promote access to the outdoors and/or environmental stewardship. Learn more about how we use 3% of our profits to give back HERE

Kudos to the Access Fund’s Conservation Teams for all their hard work protecting and building the trails we all love to enjoy!  

Volunteering at Smith Rock Group’s Spring Thing 

Aligning with our core value of “Act Responsibly & Thoughtfully,” Luno values giving back to our local community and taking care of the natural areas we love to recreate in. This is why a few weekends ago, the Luno team got their hands dirty and joined the Smith Rock Group for a day of trail maintenance.

The Smith Rock Group is a local Bend nonprofit committed to preserving the natural beauty of Smith Rock State Park. In 1993 they started the Spring Thing, an annual park clean up event, which has now grown to be the largest single day climber-led park clean-up event in the United States!

Check out Luno’s Product Development Associate’s, Lillian Simon, recap of the day: 

“So happy I got the chance to participate in this year’s Spring Thing at Smith Rock! Being able to give back to one of my favorite parks and communities through trail work was so rewarding… I even had to go back the next day to admire everyone's hard work! Looking forward to more community volunteer events this Summer!”

Join Luno and the Deschutes Upper Watershed Council at the 2024 Deschutes River Clean Up 

Local to the Bend area and want to join the Luno Team for a day of environmental stewardship? We have some great news for you!

On July 27th, Luno will be hosting a river cleanup site as a part of the 28th annual Deschutes River Cleanup, hosted by the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council. 

There will be six different cleanup sites along the Deschutes River, where volunteers will help pull invasive weeds and remove litter from the stream banks. The cleanup sites include La Pine State Park, Farewell Bend Park, Riverbend Park, First Street Trail, Tumalo State Park, and Sunriver.

You can learn more about the event here.

Introducing Our All-New AIR+FOAM Pro Mattress

Earlier this month, we proudly introduced our latest addition to the mattress family: the AIR+FOAM Pro. Not only are we stoked about adding this new type of mattress to our lineup, we’re excited that it’s our first TPU-based mattress – TPU is a material known for its non-toxic, biodegradable, and recyclable properties.

At Luno, our commitment to innovation extends beyond comfort; it's about making responsible choices in our designs. Some may even say that we always look to go the extra mile (pun very much intended).

Summer Fridays

As a company made up of passionate adventurers, Luno recognizes the importance of work-life balance. This is why during the summer months, the Luno team takes part in Summer Fridays – AKA, 4-day work weeks where we take some extra time to enjoy the outdoors, family, and disconnect as much as possible. 

Check out some ways the Luno crew has used Summer Fridays to get out here and get after it below!

What We’re Reading This Summer 

During the holidays, all Luno employees were gifted The Future of The Responsible Company by Yvon Chouinard & Vincent Stanley. Written by Patagonia’s Founder and Director of Philosophy, this book provides guidance on harnessing businesses to promote positive impacts on both people and the planet. It's no surprise that this book has found its way onto the summer reading lists of Luno employees!

Thanks for joining us on this pit stop on our Roadmap to Responsibility! If you have any questions or ideas for things you’d like to see from Luno’s journey towards being a business dedicated to improving people and the planet, send us a message.