Car Camping Fan (Australia)


Product Description

Beat the heat with this small but mighty 5" USB-powered fan. The hefty, stay-tight suction cup allows you to attach the fan to any of your windows. After attaching, the articulating ball mount gives you full control over the direction of airflow to keep you cool and comfortable while camping. Heads up: a power bank or USB port is necessary for the use of this fan - all this power has to come from somewhere!

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  • Core Features
    • Reusable locking suction cup that attaches to vehicle windows and dashboard
    • 3 fan speeds (low, medium, high) 
    • Works with any USB-A portable power solution
    • Articulating ball mount gives you full control over the direction of airflow
    • Adhesive backing on the power button for convenient placement
    • Adds subtle white noise to environment
  • Tech Specs
    1. Product Size: 4in x 2.25in x 5in
    2. Packaged Size: 4.25in x 2.5in x 6in
    3. Material: ABS Polymer
    4. Weight: .65 lbs (.3 kg)
    5. Color: Black
  • FAQ

    Does the fan make any noise when running?
    When turned on, the fan makes a soft running sound. It’s great for ambient background noise to lull you to sleep!

    Does the fan ever fall off?
    The locking suction cup may fail in temperatures below freezing, but you may not need your fan at that point…

    How long is the power cord?
    53 inches total, 35 inches from fan to remote.


This fan will help you beat the heat by keeping you cool and comfortable while camping. Just attach to any vehicle window or dashboard.

Locking Suction Cup Mount

Move the fan as you please, then lock it in place with the robust suction cup. The secure mount is strong enough to stay installed while driving

Adjustable Fan Angle

Point the breeze wherever you please! The articulating ball mount makes adjusting the angle of air flow quick and easy.

USB-A Powered

Use any portable power solution with a USB-A port to run this car camping fan. See our recommended options below to fit your budget or use one you already own.

Recommendations: Anker PowerCore (8 hour run time) or Goal Zero Yeti 150 (multi-day run time)


Find the perfect breeze with three speeds to choose from. The remote switch comes equipped with adhesive backing for convenient installation in any vehicle.

Adhesive Layer on Remote

The three speed remote contains a a blue LED for power notification and an adhesive layer for more permanent installs.