Air Mattress

Made for Your Vehicle


  • Puncture Resistant

    The high quality, durable, fabric protects against punctures and reduces deflation so that you can alway rest easy.

  • Inflates in Minutes

    The only thing better than the fact that it breaks down in minutes? Set up is even quicker.

  • Adjust to your Comfort

    Our Comfort-Valve makes it easy to adjust the firmness of your mattress to the level that feels perfect to you.

Space Block Compatibility

They say that size doesn’t matter, and with our Luno Life mattresses it really doesn’t. Our space blocks allow you to utilize an extra 12” of space. Sprawl out in your sleep—you’ve got plenty of space.

For a complete list of vehicles who are compatible with base extenders, click here. If you don’t see your vehicle, lucky you! It’s one less thing to keep track of.


Make It a Double

The more the merrier! Say goodbye to cold and lonely nights; share the fun with a travel buddy with the single or double bed options.


Adjust Comfort

Our Push-valve makes it easy to adjust the firmness of your mattress to the level that feels perfect to you.


  • Luno Air Pump

    Plug the pump into your car’s DC outlet to inflate your air mattress in mere minutes.

  • Carrying Case

    Our lightweight, over-the-shoulder, carrying case reduces abrasion to prevent leaks and damage.

  • Mattress Repair Kit

    Easily stored in your custom carrying case, this handy dandy repair kit will save the day in the unlikely event that your air mattress springs a leak.

Signature Air Mattress



  • Inflates in minutes
  • Made with durable, puncture-resistant nylon fabric
  • Fits up to 6'6" in length
  • Adjusts with press-button valve for comfort
  • Separate valves allow for single or double bed option
  • Space blocks maximize bed space
  • Includes air pump, repair kit, and carrying case


When compacted in our carrying case, the dimensions are 24 inches tall x 10 inches wide.

Tech Specs

  • Nylon Fabric
  • Press Button Valve
  • Cylinder internal construction for extra comfort
  • Side gusset contruction for durability
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