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Packable Camp Pillow

Are you tired of sacrificing a good night's sleep while camping or traveling? Look no further! Our brand-new Packable Camp Pillow is here to revolutionize your outdoor adventures. Designed with your comfort in mind, this pillow offers the perfect blend of portability and luxury, making it just as good as your pillow at home.
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  • 1-Year Warranty

    • Dual-sided pillowcase provides year-round versatility
    • Cozy, soft polyester side is perfect for chilly nights, while cool, breathable jersey knit side is best for warmer ones
    • A combination of memory foam and shredded memory foam filler offers unparalleled support
    • Customizable comfort comes courtesy of shredded memory foam filler—just add or remove filler to fine-tune firmness to your liking
    • Removable pillowcase is easy to clean and designed for life on the road
    • Compressible pillow comes with a compact stuff sack for efficient storage and transport
    • Full Size: 12.5” x 24"
    • Packed Size: 25" x 8" x 15.5"
    • Colors: Warm Gray & Charcoal
    • Materials: Polyester Jersey Blend & Polyester Spandex Blend

  • FAQ

    Will my personal pillow case fit over the Packable Camp Pillow? 
    Yes, it will. But it’s worth noting that to keep our Packable Camp Pillow portable enough to bring on your adventures, it’s slightly smaller than a standard pillow. That said, a standard pillowcase will still fit over your Packable Camp Pillow, it just will be a bit looser than normal at the edges.

    How firm is the Packable Camp Pillow? 
    Our Packable Camp Pillow is filled with memory foam to provide a cozy and comfy night’s rest in your rig. The pillow has an internal zipper that allows you to remove or add foam, so you’re able to adjust the firmness as desired.

Sleep Like You Do At Home

With the Packable Camp Pillow, you won't have to compromise on comfort while exploring the wilderness. The plush, soft fabric cover and memory foam filling ensure you'll enjoy a restful sleep that rivals the comfort of your own bed.

Dual-Sided Design

Enjoy a choice of two different sleeping surfaces. Go with the cozy, warm polyester blend fabric for chilly nights, or the cooling, moisture-wicking jersey knit for warmer ones.

Memory Foam Fill

The ultra-comfy micro-memory foam allows you to adjust the loft and firmness to your liking. Simply add or remove shredded memory foam to achieve the perfect height and support, ensuring a personalized sleeping experience.

Packable & Travel-Friendly

As convenient as it is comfortable, our Packable Camp Pillow packs down into the included stuff sack, making storage and transport a dream.

Easy to Clean

Getting dirty is an occupational hazard for any car camper. That’s why we outfitted the Packable Camp Pillow with a removable, machine-washable pillowcase that’s easy to clean.