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5 Reasons Your Next Trip Should Be Car Camping

Travelers have been sleeping on the thought of car camping, and while Luno is interested in the preservation of sleep (just check out the Luno Signature Air Mattress for proof), it’s about time that we properly appreciate the glory of sleeping in your car. Without further ado, here are the top five reasons to hit the road and try car camping!

Comfort and Ease

Cars are meant for travel, but that’s not all they’re good for. With the right gear and mindset, cars can offer much more than a way to get from point A to B. Sleeping in your car transforms your means of transportation into a storage space, shelter, and full-time adventure-mobile. The ease of having everything you could possibly need within arm's reach, and also on wheels, take road trips to a whole other level. 

The packing, unpacking, and re-packing that comes with most trips can be a headache and a half. Car camping allows you to skip the seemingly impossible game of Tetris that must be played when you load up the trunk. Since home base is also the vehicle you traveled in, there’s no need to unpack all of your belongings just to turn around and reload everything the next day. Save yourself the trouble and spend that time enjoying the outdoors instead.

Car camping is far more comfortable than tent camping. Sleeping in a tent under the stars is all fun and games until it starts to rain (and that’s just one obstacle). Just like our New Year’s resolutions, the idea of roughing it in the great outdoors is nice in theory but the execution is a little shaky. Not to mention the protection that our cars offer from the many mosquitos that seem to have it out for us.


You can go anywhere you want, whenever you want. Waves better elsewhere? No problem. Seeking a coastal sunset? Piece of cake. Sudden craving for crispy chicken tacos? Vámonos! You’re free to roam wherever your heart (or stomach) desires while car camping.

Not only does car camping allow locational freedom, but it also allows seasonal freedom. The rain and cold are no longer a nemesis. Sleeping in your vehicle means that less than ideal weather conditions no longer cramp your style. Exceptionally hardcore wanderers out there will be quick to point out the appeal of rugged backpacking for the sake of exploration. And while the idea of schlepping through valleys and rivers is nice, the comfort of your car is far nicer. We are into working hard, but not that hard. 

Best Bang for Your Buck

Travel can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, car camping means that the expenses of transportation and accommodations are now two in one! The world hasn’t seen a double threat this great since Smucker’s released its Goober peanut butter and jelly combo. 

Airbnb boasts affordable rates, but the long list of excessive fees that get tacked on often means that the final cost is a far cry from the listed price. The $25 cleaning fee, $10 fee for electricity, and $30 we pay for oxygen use, leaves our wallets lighter than we’d like. Daily campsite fees and the additional cost of processing a reservation can add up quickly, too. While we understand the necessity for most of these fee (oxygen cost excluded) there is a simple solution to save money—car camp for free! It’s the best part of a buy one get one free deal, without actually having to buy anything. All of the money you save can be spent on more important things like those aforementioned tacos or these Luno Camping String Lights (cough cough).

A Personal Timeout 

Sometimes we need a timeout from work…and life…and people. The demands of our boss and the monotony of our 9-5 jobs make us want to run away. With car camping, that desire can be a reality. We’re not advocating that you avoid your problems forever; just for the weekend. A quick car camping trip to escape the issues of your broken washing machine and incessant work emails can do wonders for your mental stability. Have a low-commitment eat, pray, love moment and take to the mountains for a little personal time out. To achieve maximum seclusion feel free to car camp somewhere without cell reception to ensure that you’re left alone. Or even if you do have cell service—just tell everyone that you didn’t. 

Safety First

Perhaps the most pragmatic appeal of car camping is the safety that it offers. If you think about it, tent camping is barely a step up from sleeping outside on the ground. The security with tents is minimal at best. They may offer protection from wind and mosquitos, but a tent versus a bear is a matchup that is far from fair.
Beyond natural dangers lies the threat of theft. Tent campers can make easy targets for theft. (Why anybody would want our cracked headlamp or bag of sunflower seeds is beyond us.) Luckily, a car offers a locked and alarmed space so you can sleep with a peace of mind. If the going gets really tough you can always pick up and flee thanks to your handy dandy home on wheels.

There you have it, folks. Some, but certainly not all, reasons to hit the road for your next car camping or Overlanding trip. What are you waiting for?


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