Up, Up, and Away!

Pre-order our Signature Air Mattress for a discounted $99 and join the Luno Life Dream Team!

Ready for the most exciting launch this year since SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket? After a whole lot of fine calibration and repeated safety tests, Luno Life is officially off the ground today and we want to celebrate our liftoff with a limited-time offer on our flagship release!

For the next month, those who pre-order our Signature Air Mattress will get it for $99 (originally $129.99). Sweet deal huh?

Early birds will also get a personal invite to join the Luno Life Dream Team, our exclusive Facebook group, where you’ll get live updates on giveaways and promotions, as well as a chance to provide feedback on our gear and participate in new product testing.

Be part of our exciting launch and join the #LunoLife movement today!

Click the link below to pre-order your Signature Air Mattress. Just use the promo code “DREAMTEAM” at checkout to apply this limited time discount!

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