Tips & Guides | June 2018

Top 10 Mobile Apps to Have When Car Camping

These days, the app store has more to offer than messaging platforms and YouTube. It’s also an excellent resource for car campers to travel with ease. Here are just a few of our favorite mobile apps that we use to make the best of every car camping adventure. 

1. iOverlander

iOverlander, created by and for overlanders, allows travelers to collaborate by sharing information and opinions about places that are well suited for adventure. The app aims to create a database of all places of interest to foster exploration. 

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2. Maps.Me

One of the best parts of traveling is the chance to get lost in exploration. For most, this is meant as more of a figurative lost. Maps.Me ensures that all travelers can explore freely with turn-by-turn navigation—with or without wifi. That’s right, no Internet connection is needed to ensure that you always know exactly how to get your final destination…wherever that may be. 

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3. GasBuddy

The two main expenses of any great road trip are gas and Del Taco (that’s right, we said it). While we’ve come to accept the price of a Green Burrito, we’re always on the lookout for a good deal on gas. GasBuddy allows car campers to travel affordably without breaking the bank. The app helps drivers to save time and money by telling them exactly when and where to buy gas so they never have to pay full price at the pump.  

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4. AllTrails

Just like snowflakes, no two trails are exactly alike. Whether it be hiking, running, or biking, AllTrails offers the largest collection of hand-curated maps of trails around the world. Maps can be filtered through a wide variety of criteria to connect users with trails that are dog or kid-friendly, with great views, at a preferred incline. The app also doubles as a GPS tracker so users can record their distance and speed to share with friends and family. AllTrails means that you can find the perfect trail. Anytime. Anywhere. 

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5. Turo

Not everyone owns a fully tricked-out Volkswagen van suited to pursue the #vanlife. Luckily, the wonders of car camping are no longer limited to those who already have the gear. Turo allows users to rent the vehicle of their dreams with its peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace. Choose from over 850 available makes and models so that you can live the car camping adventure of your dreams, in any vehicle that you desire. 

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6. Allstays couldn’t save us in our perpetual struggle to find the perfect campground. With over 70 filters, Allstays makes the process far easier for campers to find the site of their dreams. The app exceeds merely price comparisons to include any possible points of interest for users; it factors in rest stop access and other useful criteria to ensure you find the ideal site for sleeping in your car. The best part? These extensive filters can be used with or without the internet. 

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7. WiFi Finder - free internet 

If you didn’t Snapchat it, did it really happen? Fear not, Internet lovers, apps like WiFi Finder (and the many others just like it) ensure that your social media stories will always be up to date. The app includes an interactive map of more than 2 million hotspots across the world. This means that you can share your #vibes travel photos without destroying your data plan. Just enter your location to find the WiFi hotspots closest to you! 

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8. SkyView

The only thing better than a clear sky full of stars is knowledge of what you are looking at. SkyView makes that possible! The app allows next-level stargazing for everyone. Gone are the days of merely identifying the Big Dipper; SkyView can help you find Orion’s Belt and Scorpius with ease. A quick point of your phone unleashes endless detailed information about the constellations, planets, and satellites up above. 

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9. iDream - Sleep Maker

Even the best camping air mattress can not guarantee a peaceful night of rest. The sounds of late-night RV arrivals and the symphony of the nearest truck stop can make sleep nearly impossible. Luckily, iDream offers simple white noise to block out the ruckus in the event that your campground neighbors decide to play an overzealous midnight game of corn hole. Unlike other apps that attempt to mimic the sound of a tropical rainforest or the crash of the tide, iDream keeps it real with a static noise that will not leave you seasick.

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10. Google Earth

Google Earth helps you see and explore new places from the comfort of the driver seat so that you can explore in real life! Use the new Google Earth to gain a perspective of the world with a phenomenal 3D view. A swipe of your finger is all you need to find your next destination. 

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