The Joy of Cooking...While Car Camping

You’ve heard of a happy camper... but have you heard of a hangry camper? Known as one of nature’s fiercest animals, a hangry camper is what happens when a traveler goes too long without good eats. Luckily, this problem is easily preventable! With Luno Life’s tasty tips, you’ll never have to face a hungry camper ever again.

1. Embrace your kleptomania

Our borderline obsessive hoarding of mini creamers and individual ketchup packets has finally paid off. Those single-serving condiments and spices offered at fast food restaurants are a saving grace when faced with limited trunk space while car camping. Packing full-size containers of ketchup and cumbersome glass condiment bottles isn’t always an option. Luckily, the dozens of iHop creamers and McDonald’s barbeque sauces that we compulsively stuffed into our pockets last week are quick to save the day. These mini condiments are a way to bring all the flavor but still save space.

2. Can’t go wrong with quesadillas

The science of a quesadilla is foolproof. Anything you smother in cheese and sandwich between a tortilla is bound to be delicious. From breakfast quesadillas to delicious desserts, the options are endless. Our personal favorite rendition of this crowd pleaser is the pizza quesadilla. Add a little pepperoni, tomato sauce, and your favorite pizza toppings (pineapple if you’re that kind of monster) to enjoy a masterpiece of cultural fusion. What you choose to throw in is entirely up to you; think of every quesadilla as a work of art where you’re the artist and the tortilla is your blank canvas.

3. Keep it fresh without the fridge

Luno Life’s founder, Pete Ducato, recently took a spontaneous 10-Day car camping trip through Iceland. His time abroad was plenty exciting with skydiving and mountain biking, but the most hard-core part of the trip was that Pete did the whole thing WITHOUT A COOLER. Ingredients like potatoes, avocado, spinach, and fresh eggs kept Pete healthy and full to fuel his daily excursions. Other healthy and versatile foods that can be packed without a cooler include beans, applesauce, squash, and oatmeal. So long are the days of having to drain and refill ice!

4. Canned Soup REVAMPED

One of our favorite car camping meals is canned soup 2.0. This recipe can transform a simple can of soup into a filling dinner with an exciting surprise in every bite. To achieve this delicious dinner, dump every can of food you brought into a single pot and bring the whole shebang to a bubbling boil. We love taking a can of soup and throwing in a can of corn, a can of chickpeas, maybe even a can of black beans if we’re feeling particularly wild. The idea of less is more doesn’t apply here; if it comes in a can it’s going in our soup. Where is our Michelin Star?

4. Sloppy Joes

A haiku:
Sloppy joes so good
Feed my stomach and my soul
I need a napkin

We feel for sloppy joes as we feel for our Luno Life custom string lights—it’s a passionate love affair. The comforting, salty and sweet sloppy joe sandwiched between two lightly toasted hamburger buns is what dreams are made of. The best part is that they’re incredibly easy to make! Just simmer some ground beef, onion, ketchup, spices, and Worcestershire sauce and you’ve got yourself a meal that can turn any frown upside down.

6. Eat like a kid

Applesauce, pudding cups, PB&J...some things just never get old. Before you write these snacks off as food for the kids’ table, keep in mind that they’re our childhood favorites for a reason. Indulge in a bowl of creamy mac and cheese or enjoy the timeless ants on a log.

Car camping is a great excuse to throw it back to the food of our youth since most of our favorite nostalgic dishes are quick and easy to make. Frankly, the nicest meal that money can buy couldn’t compare to a midnight PB&J with a cold glass of milk.

7. Loaded baked potatoes (or sweet potato)

Potatoes are like the Luno Life Headrest organizer of the starch universe. They can hold just about everything. What you fill your potato with is entirely up to you. Keep it simple with a quick blanch, or go for gold with a campfire loaded baked potato. Throw in some butter, chives, cheese, and the bacon you’ve got left over from breakfast for a delicious savory dinner. Or wrap that baby in some foil and leave it to slow cook to perfection over a crackling campfire while you enjoy the sunset. The potato is your oyster!

. . .

There you have it! A few of Luno Life’s favorite car camping snacks and hacks. We hope that these recipes will fuel you through this weekend’s wild adventure and every weekend after that. As always, travel safely and keep on living the Luno Life!


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