Travel String Lights: A Small Addition with Big Perks for Car Campers

Every car-camper knows the nighttime brings its own special magic. The sun is great and all, but when it sets, friends tend to huddle a bit closer—sometimes for beers and stories, and other times for physical warmth. Yup, it’s all part of the fun.

There’s nothing that kills the magic more than blinding flashlights and awkward-fitting headlamps. Unless you’re part of a search party or diving in pitch-black caves (no offense to spelunkers!), you’re going to want some softer lighting to match the twinkling night sky.

Our ambient string lights will do the trick. Equipped with five easy-to-use suction cups, you can string the lights up on the windshield, in your trunk, or on top of your car (options on options). You can also set them up with a picnic or give them a permanent home in your bedroom; they’re an instant upgrade to any space.

The three light modes also give you options for setting the perfect mood. The steady mode is a classic, offering a soft, warm glow. The slow flash soothes the mind and body after a long day, while the fast mode will create a dynamic backdrop for your tunes if you’re trying to spark a midnight dance party.

Designed for maximum mobility, the lights fit into a tiny carrying pouch and are powered by micro-USB rechargeable batteries. They’re fun-sized and yet hold out for a lengthy production—8 hours on a single charge.

So whether you’re looking for a cozy, snuggle-friendly atmosphere or just trying to avoid frying your buddy’s retinas during the nightly shuffle, our ambient string lights are a solid snag. No other product puts the stars in a pouch for you.

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