Proposition 6: Changing the Way California Drives

Voting day is coming and, in California, it’s going to change the way we drive. On the ballot this year is Proposition 6, a measure which, if passed, would repeal the Gas Tax passed in 2017. This measure was passed last year with the intent to allocate new taxes on gasoline into various road service projects. These include, but are not limited to: repair of state bridges and culverts, freeway service patrol, and transportation-related research for UC and CSU schools. Support for the abolition of the 2017 Gas Tax is high among citizens living in rural communities, while many living in metropolitan areas like the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Los Angeles insist it is necessary to maintain safe and efficient travel in California. Repealed or not, the Gax Tax has an effect on all car campers, road trippers, and weekend warriors. Show up or mail in your vote on November 6 and keep on living the Luno life!

Check out these helpful resources for understanding Proposition 6:

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