Gear | September 2018

On the Importance of Camping String Lights

If we were stranded on a desert island and could only take five precious items with us, we would take our entire local REI, a gallon of In-N-Out’s special sauce, our Luno Camping String Lights, a little water, and a turkey sandwich (in no particular order). While this list of essentials differs from the conventional survival guide, we stand by each and every item wholeheartedly. The REI gear, special sauce, water, and sandwich are no-brainers that any outdoor expert would agree with, but before you start attacking our beloved string lights, just hear us out.

We could wax poetic on the importance of ambiance, but we’ll cut to the chase and tell you that it’s an absolute necessity for any occasion. Anybody who thinks that ambiance doesn’t matter has clearly never spent any time inside a teenage boy’s room. Long story short; mood matters. The best way to maximize ambiance? Luno's Camping String Lights.

The Luno Camping String Lights are the perfect night lights and ambient lighting.

The transformational power of string lights can hardly be overstated. They immediately upgrade any space from drab to fab. They can turn a backyard BBQ into an unforgettable summer night and can transform a car camping trunk into a romantic hideaway beneath the trees. They’re able to do a little with a lot, as a tiny bundle of bulbs can brighten and lighten both a space and vibe. Everything looks better in hindsight, or with twinkly lights. 

We understand that some people disagree on how imperative superb decor is in life. To which we respond: sure, you could get by without the addition of twinkly lights. We suppose you could also get through life without the joy of laughter. But why would anyone want that?

In conclusion, the Venn diagram of people who don’t like string lights and people who don’t like puppies is a CIRCLE.

These rechargeable battery night lights add the perfect ambiance to any car camping set up

We’ll let you in on a little secret: we just so happen to know of the best bulbs in the biz. The Luno Camping String Lights beat out all other products with one hand tied behind their back. Don’t sweat it if you’re #balling on a budget. These night lights check out at an affordable $35, a small price to pay for endless ambiance. Our favorite part is that these babies are rechargeable battery night lights. Gone are the days of scrambling to find those blasted AAA’s around the house—never again will you be forced to desperately remove the batteries from the TV remote. All you need is a quick charge to take the night stars with you wherever the road may take you.  

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