Stories | October 2018

Car Camping With a Rental

There are a few absolutely crucial ingredients for any car camping trip. While good friends and a dreamy destination are certainly important, one necessity rises above the rest. A car. Most of us take a four-wheel ride for granted and forget that there are some travel occasions that call for a special vehicle. Maybe you’re traveling to a different country and can’t fit your car into a standard carry on (imagine what a field day TSA would have), or don’t own a car that’s quite up to snuff for the epic adventure you have planned. Luckily, there’s an easy answer if you need a temporary set of wheels. Rental cars!  

Rental cars are the perfect way to ensure that you’ll have the right car, in the right place, at the right time. We would love to have a decked-out sprinter van sitting in our garage, but our bank account seems to have a different idea. While we enjoy our weekday ride for our everyday commute, some Saturdays call for the big guns. Car rentals allow us to pursue our wilderness dreams when we’re out of state or traveling overseas. Live out your rugged car camping fantasies with your pick between a durable 4-wheel drive Ford Expedition or fuel-efficient Toyota Prius. You can carpe every diem with a wide range of vehicles available to rent.

Actual footage of us as we embark on an overlanding adventure for a Subaru Outback Camping trip.

The affordability of car camping still applies to a rental. While the price is a little more than the usually free cost of car camping, the grand total still pales in comparison to the gnarly cost of a hotel stay or Airbnb. Most car rentals for a standard SUV cost around $85 per day. This is less than half the cost of an Airbnb’s rate and less than a third when you include the platform’s inevitable cleaning and service fees. This means that you can save money and live wilder.

Perhaps the most exciting part of car camping with a rental is that it allows you to adventure internationally. Luno founder, Pete Ducato, recently took the party overseas when he car camped for 10 days in beautiful Iceland. Pete did the whole trip in a 2018 Toyota Rav 4 that he rented from Hertz moments after landing at the airport. Thanks to his AAA insurance plan, he was able to score a sweet deal and unlimited miles for his trip.

Take car camping abroad on an international road trip thanks to a rental car!

Thanks to the many rental locations abroad, car camping does not have to be confined to local roads. With car rental agencies located in countries around the world (Enterprise alone operates in over 85 countries), your bucket list of places to visit doesn’t stand a chance. Between the many countries accessible for car camping and the dozens of models and makes available to rent, the options are endless.

You’re probably wondering how you’re going to find the perfect home for your beloved Luno Signature Air Mattress when you adventure abroad. Rest assured, your camping air mattress can go anywhere and fit into almost any car. Since the full air mattress and custom carrying case both fit into a standard carry on with ease, you can fly with the whole shebang within arm’s reach. Not even the sky is the limit in when car camping with Luno.

The best car to sleep in is the car that fits your inflating camping air mattress.

As you can see, we’re a big fan of rental cars around here; they offer the affordability of car camping with accessibility abroad. Just how when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade... when life gives you a car, you go car camping.


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