Stories | December 2019

Why Car Camping is the Ultimate New Year's Resolution

We’re making New Year’s resolutions that we’ll actually enjoy this year. None of these eat fewer donuts and exercise everyday nonsense notions. We’re over resolutions being something we dread; we want to fulfill them out of an interest in ourselves, not an obligation. That’s why we’re setting our sights on car camping more this year! That’s right, sleeping in your car is all it takes to satisfy every other resolution we could have for the new year.

Enjoy the great outdoors

We’re looking to spend more time in the wild this year! Every day we find ourselves inside an office, then inside a car, then inside our bed. We spend so much time inside that we hissed at the sunlight last Tuesday. Our attachment to our routine and the luxury of fast Wifi has compromised the time we spend in nature. 

We want our year to be filled with endless sunsets, perfect beach days, early morning hikes, and summitted mountains. We’ve resolved to car camp high in the mountains or down by the coast and in every forest in between to turn this resolution into a reality. 

Make the most of every moment

It seems as though our to-do list is miles long. The list includes every task under the sun, except one—have fun. We get so caught up in the scramble to wash the dog and walk the laundry that we completely forget to enjoy our weekend. Enter car camping! We never met a car camping trip we didn’t like. Get out on the road, sleep in your car, and get far away for a guaranteed good time. We’re pledging to take more spontaneous trips to carpe the diem out of every day. 

Quality time with quality people

This year, we’re going to hit up the team more and see where the road takes us together. We’re going to connect with our friends beyond Facebook tags and Instagram likes with some healthy adventure. We plan on rounding up the whole gang to venture a little farther. We’re not saying we plan to summit Kilimanjaro, just spend some quality time IRL while on the road. 

If you are in the market for something more exhilarating, a downhill mountain biking or white water rafting may do the trick. Heck, you can even jump out of a plane together if that really lights your fire. Nothing strengthens friendship like a mutually shared fear of dying. But rest assured if you’re not interested in risking your life, a campfire and s’mores will also do the trick. 

Work it out

Our 2020 gym membership extends beyond the weight rack and into the great outdoors. We’re going to get healthier by getting outside while car camping! The mountains will be our Stairmaster and the hiking trails our treadmill. The options for exercise when outdoors are endless. Bouldering, swimming, and trail running are all great car camping activities that push us physically while still being fun. Plus, these 'workouts can be done with friends to knock out two resolutions with one stone. Gone are the days of running on a human hamster wheel in a stuffy gym. We’ve got mountains to summit.

No new friends? No thank you!

We miss those days in kindergarten when a shared interest on the playground was all it took to spark a friendship. It's a known fact that the car camping community has some of the friendliest people around. That's why we've got big plans to spend time in nature's playground to connect with other cool campers. We resolve to greet every person we pass on the trail and be a friendly neighbor to all to make new friends. One can never have too many travel buddies!

So there you have it. A resolution to car camp more is all you need to have a fun, friendly, and fit year! We hope that you will consider this 5-in-1 resolution as you head into January. We can’t wait to see you out on the road! We at Luno wish you a happy and healthy new year!


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