5 Instagram Accounts for Car Camping Inspo

When we were little we dreamed of becoming astronauts or veterinarians. Now we just dream of traveling.
Unfortunately, our 9-5 office job has proven to be less than ideal in chasing our dreams. If we could travel whenever we wanted we would spend zero time at our day job. Our mornings would be dedicated to chasing the perfect wave, and our afternoons would be spent hiking to our hearts content. But alas, we're tethered to a desk Monday through Friday, daydreaming of coastal views and late night campfires. Since we haven’t patented our billion dollar idea just yet, we're stuck at the office until further notice. This means we'll have to satisfy our wanderlust the only way we know how—through travel Instagram accounts.
Without further ado, here are a handful of Luno Life's favorite feeds to follow. 

#1: @aves_sin_rumbo

When paragliding instruction is your day job, you know that every day will be an adventure. Becca, Cade, and their sweet dog, Tala, are living proof. Their travel account offers far more than the typical twinkly lights and coastal views. Becca and Cade focus on living a sustainable #vanlife. This dream team is currently living out a van that is in the throes of a complete remodel (which is about as glamorous as living out of a shoe box). They live and die by DIY, as they tackle the wiring and construction for the remodel themselves. Their captions offer genuine and honest insight into the peaks and pitfalls of living in a van, as they don’t sugar coat the struggle of freezing cold nights, inescapable dog hair, and cramped quarters. Their candid photos show car camping in action as they turn their eco-friendly dream into a reality. 

#2: @jarettjuarez

If you’re looking for crap-your-pants, take-your-breath-away, slap-you-in-the-face fantastic photos… look no further. Jarett Juarez has an account that could give National Geographic a run for its money. From barrel shots to drone snaps, Juarez is clearly a master of his craft. His feed mostly features shots of nature, surfing, and rolling hills that are almost as green as we are with envy. There’s also the occasional cameo by his sea foam green van that is cute enough to make Urban Outfitters jealous. Juarez's posts capture huge swells and endless horizons that remind you just how big nature is and how much there is left to explore.

#3: @emilyventures

Emily of @emilyventures is the human embodiment of a mullet—business in the front and party in the back. She works as a full-time math teacher and vacations as a dedicated solo traveler. When she’s not teaching hundreds of tweens the fundamentals of algebra, Emily is doing yoga in Olympic National Park or car camping beneath the Redwoods. She proves that you don’t need to own a fully remodeled Volkswagen to conquer the great outdoors, as she makes the most of her makeshift bed and eclectic sanctuary in the trunk of her car. Emily pairs her aesthetic snapshots with lengthy and introspective captions that make you think deeply about what really matters in life.

#4: @heretodayvanagontomorrow

The Lefroy’s take family fun to a whole new level as they aim to find a sanctuary in nature in this world of tech chaos. Their account features wanderlust-inducing pictures from their epic adventure when they wandered across Europe in their tried and true 1987 Syncro Westfalia. Their throwback photos showcase villages in Germany that are straight out of fairytales and rivers in Prague that inspire romantic novels. The best part is that Jessica and Roberto Lefroy take their adorable daughter wherever they go. The Lefroy’s little one, Henley, shows that you’re never too young for an adventure. And let’s be real, is there anything in this world cuter than a tiny traveler? We think not.

#5: @webetraveling

10-month old Wyatt has got more adventure in his left toe than we’ve had all year. The coolest baby on the block has already seen beautiful beaches and breathtaking mountains up and down California. Thanks to his rad parents, Becky and Ryan, Wyatt has been traveling in a super sick Sprinter van since he was a wee one month old. @webetraveling shows that nobody is too young to explore the great outdoors, as Becky and Ryan are an inspiration to parents who aim to test the limits of the pack and play. The luxurious van often featured in their photos makes for an enviable home base and their wallpaper made of maps will make you want to redecorate your bedroom tonight. Their “traveling as much as we can” mindset will resonate deeply with fans of the quick and dirty weekend trip.