Tips & Guides | August 2018

10 Must-Have Travel Gadgets

Anyone who thinks that Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth has clearly never set foot in an REI. Maybe it’s all the carabiners or perhaps the muted earth tones. Whatever it may be, something about the equipment store sets our wallets afire. We could spend hours wandering up and down the aisles exploring the store’s finest freeze-dried dinners and bear repellent. We've compiled a list of our top 10 travel gadgets to take with you on your next adventure. From functional to fun, here are our go-to’s to make the most of any overlanding trip!

1. Solar Camp Shower

Could you shower in cold water? Yes. Do you want to? Probably not. You might like ‘roughing it’ as much as the next car camper, but everyone’s got their limits. A solar camp shower is a perfect solution for travelers who like the idea of getting wild AND the idea of hygiene. Just fill‘er up in the morning before you set out to conquer a mountain and leave your shower in the sun to work its magic while you’re gone. When you come back you’ll have a hot shower waiting for you and the eternal gratitude of all nose-breathers nearby.

2. Flexlite Chair

Sometimes user-friendly isn’t enough. Dummy-proof might sound insulting but it makes our lives easier. These dummy-proof chairs can be set up in under 30 seconds and consist of only two parts. You can spend less time on setup and takedown, and more time on seizing the day (or sleeping in your car).

3. Luno Camping String Lights

You can use these magical string lights indoors or outdoors, and the best part is you can plug them into your car. 5 adjustable suction cups. 3 light modes. 1 custom carrying pouch. Infinite possibilities.

4. Hammock

There’s relaxation... and then there’s swaying gently in the breeze under a clear sky as you’re warmed by heavenly sunlight. A hammock will take your outdoor siestas to a whole new level. Hang it between two cars, two trees, or two very sturdy toothpicks. The nap locations are endless. You also get a travel bag to return the breathable nylon material to its home the same way you used to pack up your sleeping bag in third grade (see also: stuffing and shoving).

5. Luno Seatback Organizer

If we had a dime for every time we lost our cell phones amongst a sea of sleeping bags, we’d be rich enough to quit our day job and travel full-time. The Luno Seatback Organizer means you’ll never have to turn your car upside down or inside out to find your phone. With eight storage compartments, you can fit your phone, book, tablet, hopes and dreams in this handy headrest holder.

6. Portable Solar Battery Charger

If you didn’t Snapchat it, did it really happen? Harness the power of the sun yet again and use its sweet rays to power up your devices to keep your adoring fans up to date. Assuming you have service, that is.

7. Leatherman Sidekick Multi-tool Stainless Steel

Take an Ikea allen wrench. Multiply it by 1000. Put in on steroids. Then throw that away and grab this tool. Need some tweezers for a splinter? No problem. Need to handle a hangnail? Piece of cake. Gotta rescue the world with a Phillips-head screwdriver? Bring it on. With 14 different tools in a single gadget, this handy sidekick is the perfect hero support for when you need to save the day.

8. Inflatable Solar Lantern

These little lights are super freaking cute, but they’re also a GAME CHANGER. When un-inflated, they shrink down and look like solar-paneled bagels. Clip them to your backpack during the day, and then just live your dreams while they soak up the sun. When it’s time to blow these babies up, just pinch the valve and pull—your lantern will inflate all on its own! Then, turn these cuties on and bask in the wonders of technology while enjoying your bottled sunlight.

9. Pocket Blanket

This pocket blanket really steams our broccoli. There’s probably some psychological theory behind our obsession with miniature items that explains why we’re so in love with our bite-sized blanket. Use this water and puncture-resistant product to turn yourself into the ultimate pig in a blanket. Our favorite part is that it comes with built-in corner stakes so that you can go from pouch to picnic with ease.

10. Pocket Rocket Stove

There’s just something special about eating food that didn’t come out of a bag (don’t tell the freeze-dried beef stroganoff what we had last night). Coming in at a whopping 2.6 ounces, this little guy is the definition of tiny but mighty. Whip up a delicious, easy camping meal on a mountaintop with its rapid-boil or leave your mom’s world-famous chilli on a slow simmer. The world is your oyster and the outdoors are your kitchen. Bon appetite!


Well, there ya have it folks. Luno's go-to gear for every weekend adventure. We won’t say we’ve mastered the market, but we think we’ve got a solid handle on it. Let us know if you take one (or more) of these babies for a spin and tell us what you think! We hope you like them as much as we do!


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