10 Car Camping Commandments

Just as there are rules of the road, there are also rules for life on the road. Luno Life has broken down these guidelines into 10 simple and easy-to-follow commandments for car camping. Don’t feel as though you must strictly abide by every single one; you can think of them more as loose guidelines if that helps. Well, except for #2… We mean it about #2. You’ll see.

1. Leave no trace.

By taking careful measures today, you can ensure travel for others tomorrow. The adventurers who will follow in your footsteps are banking on you leaving wherever you visit better than you found it, so don’t even think about littering—the animals are always watching.

2. Never pass up s’mores.

There are three acceptable responses when offered a chance to eat s’mores: Yes, Absolutely, and I’ll have three. Anything less than an eager acceptance of the travel delicacy is simply not allowed.

3. Practice responsible campfires.

Smokey said it best. Only you can stop wildfires. Make sure that all fires are completely put out before you turn in for the night. This means that you should double-check that all coals are cooled before bed. Then triple check. Then quadruple check for good measure.

4. No emails shall be answered while on the road.

Email? Never heard of her. Set up your automated out of office response before you hit the road and then completely ignore your inbox. Those work worries will always be there, but the opportunity to make car camping memories won’t be. Leave your troubles at the office and enjoy the vacation that you’ve earned.

5. Be a good neighbor.

The number of people who want to hear you and your friend have a burping contest at 1 a.m. is the same as the number of people who should say no to s’mores. Exactly zero. So do the world a favor and keep your noise to a minimum during quiet hours.

6. Carpe Every Diem

Make the most of every moment. Live life to the fullest. We could go on forever with the cliches, but you get the point. So carpe every moment of living to the fullest and go for a full send when car camping. You can always procrastinate on your taxes, but should never procrastinate on having fun.

7. Thou shall NOT bring sand into the sleep space.

Let this be a warning to all; anyone who dares disturb our sacred sleep space will be immediately demoted to public enemy #1. If you bring sand within four feet of our sleeping bag we will not hesitate to put you in your place. The very idea of sharing our bed with sand makes our skin crawl. If we wanted to suffer like that we would just stub our toe on the picnic table.

8. Always say hi to strangers on the road.

It takes less than one second to say “Hello” to a stranger. While this may seem insignificant, there’s something special about the sense of community that comes from letting others feel seen. You don’t need to draft their autobiography, just spread the good vibes with a simple acknowledgment when traveling. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get lucky and make a new friend for your next adventure.

9. No nap left behind.

Forget the concept of longitude and latitude. Every car camping trip exists within the nap time zone. Like “island time”, but better, the nap time zone mandates that naps are taken whenever it feels right. Which is pretty much all the time around these parts.

10. Always watch the sunset.

Sure, the sun did the setting thing yesterday and it will likely do again tomorrow. We’re not saying that watching the sunset is some once in a lifetime opportunity. We’re just trying to remind you that we only get a finite number of sunsets in our life so we might as well enjoy each and every one. Some things just never get old.

Well, there you have it! Luno Life’s car camping commandments. We urge you to keep these commandments in mind the next time you hit the road so that you can maximize both fun and safety for all!



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