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Will the Signature Air Mattress fit my vehicle?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a “perfect fit” with every vehicle as we do not have all measurements for every make/model/year in our database. If you are prompted with a "Check Vehicle Compatibility" message upon selecting your vehicle's information, the Luno Life Signature Air Mattress may fit your vehicle, but you'll need to check if it has any of the major problem features shown below. If you are NOT prompted with the "Check Vehicle Compatibility" message, you're good to go — the Luno Life Signature Air Mattress fits your vehicle! If you have further questions or concerns, please contact our Support Team at" 

Problem Features:


Captains Chairs

The gap between the back seats could give the Grand Canyon a run for its money. Unfortunately, this setup lacks the necessary support for a Luno Life Air Mattress.


Side Folding Seats

Side folding seats take our typical bed surface and throw it up against the wall. Since we don’t usually sleep in the handstand position, this set up doesn’t fly.


Forward-Folding Seats

The folded seat bottoms present a serious roadblock for the Luno Life Air Mattress. (Some exceptionally large cars with these seats may still be compatible with single side inflation and without base extenders.)


High Front Console

High front center consoles have been known to disturb the peace for car campers. Some consoles block the edge of the air mattress from laying flush against the front seats.


Back Center Console

Unless you like sleeping with a massive speed bump in your bed, these middle consoles are going to obstruct the otherwise level space in the back of your car.


Uneven Surfaces

The space between the seat row and cargo area is a major pitfall when it comes to using the Luno Life Air Mattress.


Reverse Folding Seats

The lumps, bumps, and gaps that come with reverse folding seats unfortunately prevent the Luno Life Air Mattress from laying flat in the back.


Rear Facing Seats

The space between the folded second and third row of seats turns this seating arrangement into a no-sleep zone.


Cargo Gap

Mind the gap! The drop off from folded seats into the cargo space would require you to sleep with your feet hanging off the bed (and nobody wants that).


Row Gap

So close yet so far. The gap between the folded second and third row of seats is just wide enough to act as a sinkhole laying out the Luno Life Air Mattress.

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