Product | June 2018

What makes a Luno Life Air Mattress better than the rest?

The Luno Life Air Mattress is developed to create more space for you to sleep in your vehicle! Our patented mattress, made from a tightly woven fabric laminated with a durable PVC coating, utilizes the passenger feet space to support your head or feet (whichever way you prefer to play). This allows you to maximize the space that wouldn’t be available with a normal air mattress.

The Luno Life Air Mattress also comes with an entire collection of bonus materials. We include a custom air pump to achieve full inflation in minutes so you don’t have to wait for an evening of relaxation. We also supply a custom repair kit to fix for any unlikely mishaps. This handy dandy repair kit can be stored in the built-in pocket of our custom carrying case so that is with you at all times.

Speaking of our signature carrying case! Not only does it look fantastic, but it also provides substantial protection against wear and tear of your air mattress. The carrying case helps to avoid any burns or cracks in the material during storage of your beloved Luno Life Air Mattress.


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