Headrest Nightstand Organizer


Project Status: Final Product Phase

  • Brainstorming
  • Design Development
  • Prototype Testing
  • Manufacturing
  • Review
  • Final Product

Phase 1: Brainstorming

Nothing sets those cozy bed vibes like a harsh, bright cabin light, right? Wrong! The Luno team is fed up with choosing between pitch black and blaring brightness when relaxing in the back of our cars. We need something new. We need something with warm, white light that is chargeable and versatile. It should be powerful too, but able to bring down the mood and get us ready for some well-deserved rest. Want to sleep under the stars? We might as well be when we’re under Luno’s Ambient String Lighting!

Phase 2: Design Development

We’re bringing bedside tables to a car near you! Space is limited, so what do we really need? Accessible storage for: phone, charger, book or tablet, water bottle, toothbrush, Ambient String Lights and more. Okay, at least eight multi-use pockets. Let’s give our water bottles a flexible mesh pocket to fit lots of sizes. And add a detachable pocket to take our things with us on the trail while keeping them safely stowed. What are the first 5 items you use every morning?

Phase 3: Prototyping

Field testing the Headrest Organizer gave us great ideas on how to keep all our explorin’ essentials secure and accessible while on the move. To make sure the Headrest Nightstand Organizer stays firmly in place, we added a quick tie down paracord accessory. Beyond that, we developed a cable channel in the quick access pocket that gives you easy access to your phone during a charge. Things are only getting sweeter!

Phase 4: Manufacturing

We aren’t only excited to begin manufacturing the Headrest Nightstand Organizer, we are grateful. Seriously, life is just such a mess without it! Members of our team make frequent visits to our overseas partners to maintain a close collaboration and check on product samples as they are refined. We have our fingers crossed that Pete will come back from his next trip to overseas with a “golden sample” of the Headrest Organizer. That will be the final sample stage before we begin producing at mass quantities. Good luck, Pete!

Phase 5: Review

The Luno Life Headrest Nightstand Organizer is coming soon! Having received the “golden sample” in the manufacturing stage, all that is left is some final field testing and product detailing at the Luno Life Headquarters near sunny Santa Barbara, CA. Stay tuned!

Phase 6: Final Product

Current Phase

The Luno Life Headrest Nightstand Organizer has arrived. After an intense series of product development - from brainstorming to field testing to final review - Luno Life has come up with the ultimate mobile organizer for those who want to take home on the road. Wherever your travels may take you, the Headrest Nightstand Organizer has got your back.