Signature Air Mattress


Project Status: Final Product Phase

  • Brainstorming
  • Design Development
  • Prototype Testing
  • Manufacturing
  • Review
  • Final Product

Phase 1: Brainstorming

Let’s be honest, cramming diagonally across the back of your Subaru to try and catch a few Z’s before a big day of hiking, climbing, relaxing or other outdoor expeditions is no way to rest. That’s what we thought too, so we came up with a product that ensures a better sleep, while keeping adventures on the road at our fingertips. Some “musts” on our product checklist included: 1. Must not force a diagonal angle while at rest. 2. Must be more comfortable than any other sleeping pad. 3. Must be easy to assemble and disassemble. 4. Must be portable. Boy, this looks promising! Here’s to the beginnings of the Luno Custom-Fit Air Mattress!

Phase 2: Design Development

Alright, we’ve got the inspiration, now we need the form. That’s where you come in. Talking to car campers, weekend warriors and more helps us refine our vision of the Signature Air-Mattress, and even add some new features. Like maximizing the length of the Air-Mattress by utilizing backseat passenger foot space. Or making sure to include a twelve-volt electric air pump to ensure a quick and easy set up. It works with any car’s DC outlet! To make inflating the mattress as smooth as possible, we are making sure the air valve is accessible from the front seat. We like where this is going.

Phase 3: Prototyping

Time to take our Custom Fit Air-Mattress to the streets! Or better yet, to the dirt roads. Prototype testing is a major step in cultivating an unbeatable product, because it shows us what works well with the gear we offer and where we can make improvements. Trying the Air-Mattress in the field showed us we needed to create an inflatable attachment to sit in backseat passenger footspaces. This allows us to use an extra 8-12” of space! A release valve allows for height adjustment, so the Air-Mattress can rest evenly in any car on top of this extension support.*include photo with description*The mattress is also designed with two separate inflatable beds, so disturbing your partner in the middle of the night is nearly impossible. Bathroom breaks just got a whole lot easier!

Phase 4: Manufacturing

It’s alive! Well, almost. But it is time to start manufacturing. Fortunately, having a team with a dense background in product design and product life-cycle keeps us aware of the best practices to use when working in mass production. Fabrics that are milled from a PolyPropylene (PP), created from recycled bottles from the ocean, or at least have some form of recycled story is always our goal. What are your thoughts on environmentally friendly material?

Phase 5: Review

The Luno Life Headrest Nightstand Organizer is coming soon! Having received the “golden sample” in the manufacturing stage, all that is left is some final field testing and product detailing at the Luno Life Headquarters near sunny Santa Barbara, CA. Stay tuned!

Phase 6: Final Product

Current Phase

We are proud to present the Luno Life Custom Fit Air Mattress. On your next car camping adventure, rest easy on this quick set-up, durable mattress pad. Order an Air Mattress custom to your vehicle and let the good times roll. So, where to first?