Ambient String Lights


Project Status: Final Product Phase

  • Brainstorming
  • Design Development
  • Prototype Testing
  • Manufacturing
  • Review
  • Final Product

Phase 1: Brainstorming

Nothing sets those cozy bed vibes like a harsh, bright cabin light, right? Wrong! The Luno team is fed up with choosing between pitch black and blaring brightness when relaxing in the back of our cars. We need something new. We need something with warm, white light that is chargeable and versatile. It should be powerful too, but able to bring down the mood and get us ready for some well-deserved rest. Want to sleep under the stars? We might as well be when we’re under Luno’s Ambient String Lighting!

Phase 2: Design Development

This one is all about setting the mood, so we have to get it right. We’ll need at least five meters of cord to string every which way about the cabin of any car. Let’s say, hmm . . . fifty lights! They should roll up smooth and slip easily into a stow bag. Speaking of which, we need a strong, rechargeable battery so we can be sure to take these babies with us anywhere. Eight hours should do the trick. Where else would you take these lights?

Phase 3: Prototyping

Working with this product really shed some light on where we can improve. Get it - light . . . Ha! But seriously, because of prototype testing the Ambient String Lights now feature five suction cups with strand clip-ins to make hanging your lights smooth and simple. More hands-on evaluation led us to create three different light settings, while maintaining a comfy, warm light. Choose between blinking, breathing, or always on to fit any car occasion - a car-casion! Alright, we’ll stop.

Phase 4: Manufacturing

At Luno Life we only supply the best quality gear. In manufacturing the Ambient String Lights, we knew they needed stand apart from any other light string sets. That’s why we insisted on using a reliable 3.7 volt lithium battery with 450 milliamp hours. This guarantees a battery life of more than 8 hours, and the micro USB charger we’ve included makes finding a charge simple!

Phase 5: Review

Who’s excited about the Ambient String Lights?! We are getting wild with excitement at Luno Life HQ. You know the review stage is going well when the team starts waddling around the office wrapped up in light strands like beautiful glowing mummies. What can we say? These things are functional AND fun!

Phase 6: Final Product

Current Phase

Let there be light! Luno Life’s Ambient String Lights are here and ready to brighten up any adventure. Built with exploration and innovation in mind, the Ambient String Lights are made to help you get the most out of your time on the road.